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The Skinius range

Why doesn’t Skinius make a toner?

Skinius is an anti-aging range for sensitive skin,Toner can be too aggressive for the hydrolipid film on delicate skin.. Back to top

What skin creams does Skinius make?

Skinius has twoeffective anti-wrinkle face creamsShatui® cream is rich and regenerating with an elegant fragrance and velvety sensation, while H2+O® combines deep hydration with a neutral fragrance. H2+O® is the ideal moisturiser for specific facial treatments because it offers both superficial and deep hydration, encouraging the skin to maintain optimum levels of hydration to keep it bright and smooth. Proper hydration is fundamental for tackling skin aging and protecting the skin from external aggressors. Our nourishing treatment is Shatui®, a regenerating cream with an effective anti-aging action that helps cells to repair and regenerate. The rich texture of Shatui effectively smooths micro-wrinkles to make sure skin is toned and elastic. It also contains SPF to protect skin from UV rays. Back to top

Why is the Fospid Gel in an aluminium tube no longer available?

Fospid Gel is still available, but it has changed name. Since January 2015, it has been on sale under the new name Fospid Serum®. The product is also packaged differently: it has a new airless dispenser that uses the latest technology to preserve the precious serum. The airless bottle conserves the product better after opening and ensures it can all be used with no waste. The new packaging is more environmentally-friendly as all the different parts of the bottle can be separated for recycling. Fospid Serum® is one of our most effective anti-wrinkle creams. It is ideal for preventing and reducing micro-wrinkles, loss of tone, superficial spots, stretch marks and blemishes such as scars and cellulite.Back to top

Do your products contain SPF?

Nourishing Shatui® face cream, Rimage® eye contour gel cream and Noagy® lip balm all contain SPF. This protection is effective in temperate climates and locations Back to top

Are Skinius products ‘natural’? Do they contain plant-based ingredients?

We receive lots of questions asking whether Skinius products are natural, whether the cosmetic formulas contain plant-based ingredients and in what percentages. So we have decided to share some insights with you, developed with the scientific support of our cosmetology, dermatology and biology experts and the technical support of our regulatory offices and R&D team  Back to top

Do Skinius cosmetics contain nickel?

No nickel is ever intentionally added to our formulas. There are still no tests to determine its total absence and infinitesimal traces might be present during the production process or as impurities from the raw materials. However, our consumers with nickel allergies or intolerances do use our products without any problems. Back to top

How to choose the right product

Are there specific indications for using Skinius products?

The Skinius philosophy proposes a range of products that can be used together with no strict rules. They all act in harmony with the physiological needs of each skin type. We can all find our perfect beauty routine by simply listening to our skin.Back to top

What is the best face and body beauty routine at the age of 30?

At the age of 30, it is best to start a preventative beauty routine. Ideally, use a hydrating face cream, morning and evening, every day. We suggest H2+O® for your face, a light cream that offers both superficial and deep action, encouraging the skin to maintain optimum levels of hydration to keep it bright and smooth. To accelerate the treatment of blotches, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks (and prevent anymore), we recommend applying effective anti-wrinkle treatment Fospid Serum® in the evening, before your hydrating cream, because of its high concentration in active substance Fospidina, which profoundly regenerates the skin. As an eye contour treatment, we suggest refreshing Rimage® Gel, which relieves tired and puffy eyes and tackles dark circles thanks to lactoferrin. For your lips and lip contour area, the special Noagy® lip balm formula offers nourishing, regenerating, plumping and anti-aging action: vegetable waxes are highly soothing, while beta-glucan is a natural sugar that helps repair micro-cracks and reduce micro-wrinkles around the lips. For your body, Natrux® is an exceptional hydrating cream that brings elasticity and tone to the skin, with a compressing effect that helps the cells to repair and regenerate. That is why it is an excellent stretch-mark cream and also helps to prevent and tackle cellulite. Back to top

What is the best beauty routine when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Body. During pregnancy, it is very important to maintain the elasticity of the skin in order to prevent or treat the appearance of stretch marks and soothe any itching caused by the tension of the skin. We recommend the application of Natrux® body cream, especially in critical areas where the skin is tightest (breast, belly, hips, gluteus, arms, etc.). In case of stretch marks, loose skin or blemishes, also apply anti-aging Fospid Serum® to affected areas, morning and evening. Face Begin with Fospid Serum®, which combats loss of elasticity and returns tone, density and glow to the skin. The serum is also recommended for preventing skin discolouration(melasma), which is common in pregnant women. Follow with a face cream. The ideal option is H2+O®, energising with an antioxidant action, which offers both superficial and deep hydration Back to top

Which Skinius treatments do men like best?

Practicality is the key when it comes to male beauty routines. The ideal face cream is H2+O®. It offers daily hydration and immediate comfort after shaving, as well as maximum sensorial pleasure and a natural matte look. Rimage® eye contour gel cream is also very popular with men, thanks to its light and refreshing texture, which deeply hydrates and nourishes the eye contour area for a rested and rejuvenated appearance. The anti-aging fluid body cream Natrux® is also ideal because its quick-absorbing formula gives excellent results, even in case of thick hair. Optimum hydration for dry and very dry skin. Back to top

Which products do you recommend to tackle sagging skin under the chin?

Fospid Serum regenerating face cream has an effective anti-aging action that helps cells to repair and regenerate. This makes it effective on any kind of damaged skin: surface blotches, stretch marks and blemishes such as scars and cellulite. An all-round product that preserves your beauty even at a mature age and perfectly integrates with your physiological rhythms: thanks to its content in phospholipids, this anti-wrinkle treatment deeply penetrates the skin and is immediately absorbed by the epidermis. Since the cream shares the same structure as the epidermis, it respects the natural composition of your skin. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, it has a soft and rich texture and can be applied to the neck, décolleté, breast area, elbows and hands as well as the face. In short, all parts of the female body that are particularly subject to drying out and loss of elasticity and fullness. Back to top

Which facial product can I use as an aftershave?

H2+O® is an exceptional face cream for improving and maintaining the superficial and deep hydration of the skin. Its triple action makes it highly suited for use after shaving: delta-lactone smooths the skin; Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful energiser that encourages cellular renewal and glucosamine stimulates the physiological formation of new hyaluronic acid, crucial for deep hydration. Its light and delicate texture is easily absorbed by male skin, which is usually more oily or combination. Back to top

Problem skin

Which is the best Skinius product for enlarged pores and oily skin?

As well as being one of the best anti-wrinkle creams, Fospid Serum® is ideal for treating enlarged pores and oily skin. This face cream is highly concentrated in active ingredients which, among other properties, act as sebum regulators thanks to the combination of glucosamine and phospholipids, useful for preventing and treating skin blemishes such as the signs of acne. For deeply hydrated, soft and bright skin, we recommend combining the effects of several products by purchasing the Beauty Box: the Preparation Beauty Box includes Fospid Serum® anti-aging cream and Milis® cleansing milk for a thorough daily cleanse, while the anti-wrinkle face cream and H2+O® hydrating cream, to be applied morning and evening as part of a correct beauty routine.Back to top

Which Skinius product do you recommend for rosacea?

The entire Skinius range is suitable for sensitive skin, even in cases of couperosis and rosacea. In fact, Fospidina-based anti-aging and regenerating creams and serums have been shown to be highly tolerated in cases of chronic dermatosis. Our dermatologists recommend the following routine to treat the problem: - Application, morning and evening, of Fospid Serum® anti-wrinkle cream , an anti-aging formula with a high concentration of Fospidina, which is composed of approximately 70% active ingredients: the combined action of phospholipids and glucosamine penetrates through to the dermis encouraging the production of hyaluronic acid that will help skin cells to repair and regenerate; - After applying the serum in the morning, apply H2+O® face cream, which is very delicate and extremely hydrating. Suitable for use all year round.Back to top

Which product is the best hand moisturiser?

We do not currently make a hand cream but we recommend the use of Natrux® Body Cream which, thanks to its formula, offers superficial and deep hydration of the cutaneous tissue by helping skin cells to repair and regenerate. Its hydrating and elasticising effects are excellent for hands too. It is easily absorbed thanks to its light, velvety texture and contains Shea Butter, which is extremely nourishing for the skin. Back to top

Which Skinius products are best in case of melasma?

The discolouration that sometimes appears on the face is a the reaction of weakened skin to the oxidising action of the sun. It is forced to produce more melanin to defend itself. To treat this problem, we recommend Fospid Serum® combined with H2+O® hydrating cream, which contains SPF. For even more help, try skin supplements Fospid.IN® and Plusol.IN®, which reinforce the skin's immune defences. Back to top

Can I use your anti-wrinkle creams if I suffer from rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammatory problem that affects certain areas of the face and can resemble acne. Some simple steps can be taken to avoid the appearance of rosacea: avoid factors that might trigger the illness, such as high temperatures, exposure to the sun, emotional stress, alcohol and spicy food. It is also very important to take good care of your skin: cleanse your face properly using a small amount of light, non-foaming detergent, which does not have a high active content, diluted in warm water. In case of irritation, use soothing anti-inflammatory products that do not contain cortisone. Use a soft, clean towel to dry your face, gently patting your face so as not to aggravate the problem. We recommend consulting your trusted dermatologist to find a rosacea cream suitable for you. Skinius offers two products: H2+O® hydrating face cream with smoothing energising and nourishing action and Liftnes® neck and décolleté cream, which can also be used for the face thanks to its regenerating action. We do not recommend the use of Fospid Serum® anti-aging treatment. Back to top

I have combination skin and sun spots, what do you recommend?

Considering how sensitive your skin is, we recommend H2+O® hydrating face cream, which will treat the skin without causing redness or irritation. Proper hydration is fundamental when it comes to tackling skin aging and protecting the skin from common external aggressors: UV rays, pollution and make-up are all factors that deprive the skin making it rough and duller. If you find the texture of H2+O® face cream too rich and hard to tolerate, we recommend Natrux®, the fluid body cream which is also suitable for the face. Thanks to active ingredients such as shea butter and hyaluronic acid, it brings elasticity and tone to the skin. Natrux® is also recommended as an aftersun treatment, to reduce redness after exposure to the sun, as it rehydrates and plumps skin that has dried out after hours of exposure to UV rays and sea salt. In terms of discolouration, we recommend Fospid Serum®, the regenerating face cream with effective anti-aging action which helps cells to repair and regenerate. This makes it effective on any kind of damaged skin: surface blotches, stretch marks and blemishes such as scars and cellulite. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, it has a soft and rich texture and can be applied to the neck, décolleté, breast area, elbows and hands as well as the face. In short, all parts of the female body that are particularly subject to drying out and loss of elasticity and fullness. Given the high content of active ingredients in Fospid Serum® and your very sensitive skin, we recommend only applying to discoloured areas. This product cannot be used all over your face until the skin is rebalanced and there is no more redness or itching. Our final bit of advice, which applies to everybody, would be to try Fospid.IN®, a skin supplement made with phospholipids, glucosamine and biotin that naturally compensates for any deficiency in these elements in the body. Fospid.IN® in particular helps maintain normal skin conditions with its anti-aging function thanks to biotin, which acts internally for a rejuvenating and plumping effect. We recommend combining it with one of the abovementioned creams for maximum effect. Back to top

Our services

Can I request free samples before purchasing Skinius products?

To receive samples from us, just send an email to specifying your name, address and a telephone numberBack to top

Where can I buy Skinius products?

Skinius products are sold in pharmacies and chemists and online at Use our store locator here to find your nearest store. You can always ask your trusted pharmacist to order Skinius products for you. They usually arrive within 24 hours. Another option is to order from our online shops. Products will be sent directly to your home or office within 48 hours. Back to top

In which cities can I attend a Skinius pharmacy event with free treatment?

Our pharmacy events are organised by the events department of our sales office. To organise a new pharmacy event, send an email to Back to top

When can I find discounts and promotions on the Skinius website?

Sign up to our newsletter here to receive updates about upcoming promotions and special discounts. Torna in alto

Where can I find information about Skinius products?

See our website for information about us and our anti-aging products. Alternatively contact us at or write to us through our Facebook page. Another option is to call us on (+39) 02 9515731 from Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 17:30. We are more than happy to answer your question! Back to top

Products - Fospid Serum®

Can I use Fospid Serum® as an eye contour cream?

Yes, you can use the regenerating serum on the eye contour area, brow ridge and eyelid. Keep product away from eyes. After applying the Fospid Serum® anti-aging beauty product, we recommend using Rimage® Eye Contour Gel Cream on top. Back to top

Is Fospid Serum® suitable for depressed acne scars?

Fospid Serum® anti-aging cream is very useful for preventing and treating blemishes such as acne and depressed scars since glucosamine, a precursor to hyaluronic acid, is carried by the phospholipids which penetrate until the dermis, making it a highly effective treatment. The combined action of the components found in Fospidina therefore encourages the regeneration of cutaneous tissue. We confidently recommend it for reducing depressed acne scars. We recommend applying Fospid Serum® once the skin has healed and is no longer red and sensitive. Improvement is usually visible after 4-6 months of daily application; a small amount of product is enough to guarantee the benefits. Back to top

Is Fospid Serum® suitable for sensitive skin with couperosis or can it cause an allergic reaction?

Fospid Serum® has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, but as couperosis can make the face extremely delicate, we suggest testing the product to see whether the anti-aging cream is suitable for you. There have never been any cases of allergic reactions to Fospid Serum®.Torna in alto

Can Fospid Serum® be used as a mask?

We can confirm that of all our anti-wrinkle creams, Fospid Serum® can be used as a mask. We recommend applying a moderate quantity of the product to the face and leaving it on for between 5 and a maximum of 10 minutes. Then rinse and apply hydrating cream Back to top

Products - Noagy®

Is Noagy® lip balm suitable for treating the ‘barcode’ effect and wrinkles around the lips?

Absolutely. Noagy® has a nourishing, regenerating and, of course, anti-aging action that helps prevent and treat micro-wrinkles in the lip contour area and the ‘barcode’ effect, thanks to active ingredients chosen for their benefits for this delicate area of the face. Noagy® is ideal for use as an anti-aging night treatment, as a daily moisturiser instead of the normal stick and is an exceptional primer for lipstick. Back to top

How often should I reapply Noagy® lip balm?

Normal stick lip balms do not offer long-lasting protection and need to be reapplied regularly. Noagy® by Skinius is very popular because, if used regularly, it provides continuous hydration even when the balm has dried. Many of our loyal customers tell us that they reapply Noagy® for the velvety sensation and comfort rather than any real need for hydration. We recommend applying Noagy® Lip Balm in the morning, again in the evening before going to sleep and during the day if necessary. Back to top

My lips are chapped 24 hours a day. What can I do?

Our first advice would be to avoid biting them, pulling skin off or continuously licking your lips as these all dry them out even further. To further hydrate your lips, we recommend using Fospid Serum®, the famous ultra-regenerating serum from Skinius which acts as a base for Noagy® Lip Balm. We suggest applying Noagy® during the day as necessary to repair and protect the micro-cracks caused by dehydration. Back to top

Can I use Noagy® lip balm on my child’s chapped lips?

Yes, the delicate Noagy® formula makes it the perfect product for children with chapped lips, cheeks or nose. Back to top

Products - Shatui®

Should Shatui® cream be applied day or night?

Shatui® is a face cream that can be used both day (it contains SPF) and night. It all depends on what your skin needs. Skin can be drier and more fragile in winter due to the cold weather, wind and changes in temperature. During this period, it is advisable to apply Shatui® both morning and evening for a nourishing and protecting effect. If you find Shatui® too rich to apply at night (the cells ‘rest’ at night so it is better to use lighter products), try H2+O®, hydrating face cream, or try alternating them.. Back to top

Is the Shatui® face cream suitable for combination, dehydrated and tight skin?

We can definitely recommend Shatui® nourishing face cream for combined and dehydrated skin thanks to its rich and nourishing texture. We usually recommend Shatui® during the colder months when skin tends to dry out and suffer the cold. In your case, we would recommend it if your skin needs deeper hydration and nutrition. Shatui® is a nourishing and regenerating hydrating face cream, with an effective anti-aging action that helps cells to repair and regenerate. The rich texture of Shatui effectively smooths micro-wrinkles to make sure skin is toned and elastic. It also contains SPF to protect skin from UV rays. Back to top

Products - Natrux®

Can I use Natrux® fluid body cream on my face?

Yes, Natrux® is a hydrating cream that can be used on the face and is actually recommended for oily skin that cannot manage excessively rich textures. Natrux® by Skinius is an anti-aging hydrating body cream with a creamy, fluid texture that will embrace the skin with a gentle, velvety effect. The main active ingredients, such as shea butter and hyaluronic acid, have extraordinary soothing properties that provide elasticity and tone to the skin. Back to top

Can I use Natrux® as an aftersun?

Natrux® is a hydrating body cream recommended as an aftersun treatment, to reduce redness after exposure to the sun, as it rehydrates and plumps skin that has dried out after hours of exposure to UV rays and sea salt. It can therefore be used in both summer and winter to take the very best care of your skin. Thanks to its special dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic formula, Natrux® can also be applied to the most sensitive skin, prone to frequent irritation. Back to top


What is the difference between Fospidin and Fospid Serum®?

Fospidina is the active ingredient while Fospid Serum® is the regenerating cosmetic serum. The names are very similar because the Fospid Serum® anti-aging cream is highly concentrated in the active ingredient Fospidina. Back to top

What is Fospidina?

Fospidina is an active substance made from phospholipids derived from soya and glucosamine. It powerfully restructures cells and is extremely useful for strengthening the skin cells and enabling them to produce more collagen and elastin of a better quality. It has an effective anti-aging action, which results in increased firmness, hydration and elasticity for the skin and a decrease in micro-wrinkles. It has also been dermatologically tested to meet the needs of even the most sensitive skin. Back to top