The SKINIUS lines aim to take care of the most sensitive skin. This mission comes from the heart of the founder and biologist Mariagrazia Boniardi, who has always lived with reactive and delicate skin. This is why SKINIUS dermocosmetic products are designed for the dermatological patient in terms of efficacy, tolerability and cosmeticity. The available formulations - able to meet all needs, at any time of the year and at any stage of life - are therefore suitable for even the most sensitive skin (33 tests carried out on 221 volunteers) because they act in accordance with the physiological rhythms of the skin tissue thanks to biocompatible active ingredients.

How to identify sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is characterised by a weak hydrolipidic film and an exaggerated reactivity to external or internal factors. A feeling of tightness, redness and itching are just some of the first signs of sensitive skin. A number of internal factors can contribute to the appearance of sensitive skin, and these can bother the skin regardless of age and skin type. In fact, it is not excluded that sensitive skin may be present from birth or may appear in adulthood. 

Come riconoscere la pelle sensibile

What causes sensitive skin

The causes of sensitive skin are still not entirely clear and can be many. Among the most frequent external causes that can lead to the appearance of sensitive skin are:

- temperature changes (cold and hot)

- wind, sun

- pollution

- skincare and dermo-cosmetics that are too aggressive or not suitable for the skin type

Internal factors that can lead to a more reactive skin include:

- drug therapies

- hormonal changes

- moments of high stress

However, it is important to rely on the experience of a dermatologist, who is the only one able to establish what the triggering factors of this excessive skin activity may be.

Cleanser for sensitive skin

In the case of sensitive skin, the first essential step is proper cleansing of the face, using gentle, moisturising textures. It is often due to overly aggressive or incorrect facial cleansing that the skin can become more vulnerable to internal and external stress.

Detergente viso per pelle sensibile Skinius

MILIS Cleansing Milk is the product indicated for gentle facial cleansing that respects even the most sensitive skin. The texture of MILIS is velvety and silky and adapts to even the most reactive skins and allows different application directly massaged in with the palm of the hands or through the support of a cotton pad or the more delicate and soft DELIKA Towel in 100% recyclable cotton.

If, on the other hand, sensitive skin has impure, combination or oily characteristics or tends to present more frequent redness, it is possible to combine the action of MILIS Cleansing Milk, ALUSAC Cleansing with Alusil normalizing complex, indicated for impure and acne-prone skin, or DELIKA Micellar Water, recommended by dermatologists to maintain the balance of the skin microbiome.

Face care for sensitive skin

The entire SKINIUS line is designed to be suitable for sensitive skin and to improve the quality of life of the cells by enabling them to produce more collagen and elastin, thus helping the skin to find within itself the natural resources for a long-lasting glow.

However, it is necessary to make a premise: every skin has its own characteristics and can always react differently. This is why it is important to emphasise that it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist, who is the only person able to identify a beauty routine that is suitable for the different dermatological needs.

Crema viso per pelle sensibile Skinius

H2+O is the Hydrating Anti-aging Face Cream that features the most delicate and light texture of the entire line. Its formula is designed to maintain superficial and deep moisturisation, helping to prevent the first wrinkles and micro-wrinkles. SHATUI, on the other hand, is the alternative with a rich, structured texture that is suitable for treating the driest and most dehydrated sensitive skin. In addition to the anti-aging complex fospidin, it contains active ingredients such as macadamia oil and passion flower oil, which help to slow down transepidermal water loss.

FOSPID Active Serum is the line's best-selling multifunctional serum and the first product to be formulated by Dr Boniardi. Its texture contains a high percentage of the fospidin complex. A highly regenerating product that helps to intervene in the physiological processes of cell regeneration and repair, which is why it is recommended by dermatologists not only in the case of sensitive skin but also following certain treatments to restore the altered hydrolipidic film. 

When sensitive skin is accompanied by impurities, shiny spots and blackheads. ALUSAC Cream is the right ally for alleviating the main imperfections of impure and acne-prone skin.

Special attention is also needed for the more delicate and thinner areas around the eyes and lips, which are more sensitive to external stimuli.

NOAGY Lip Balm is a regenerating treatment designed to help maintain the well-being and balance of the lips and lip contour. Its special anhydrous formula is designed to help preserve skin hydration and help promote firmer, plumper skin tissue. Betaglucan, microspheres of hyaluronic acid, fospidin and boswelia are the active ingredients that make NOAGY Lip Balm ideal as a daily anti-aging treatment.

RIMAGE Eye Contour Gel Cream, on the other hand, is the regenerating and anti-aging support designed to help prevent wrinkles, micro-wrinkles, sagging of the eyelid, bags and dark circles. It is ideal when combined with FOSPID Active Serum for a regenerating action on this part of the oval. 

Body cream for sensitive skin: how to choose it

The ways in which sensitive skin manifests itself are different and can affect not only the face, but also the skin of the body. This can be due to incorrect daily habits such as frequent showers, excessively foaming cleansers and excessively hot water. These factors may seem trivial, but in the long run they can weaken the skin barrier, causing irritation and redness.

Creme corpo per pelle sensibile Skinius

Once again, the SKINIUS research team's objective was to study the latest generation of body creams for sensitive skin

NATRUX is a body cream with a firming, regenerating, elasticizing and anti-aging action with a fluid and rapidly absorbed texture, ideal for restoring the hydrolipidic film of the skin, even to the most sensitive. The product is in fact also recommended by dermatologists as a daily after-bath/shower, after hair removal and as an after-sun product.

LIFTNES is instead specific for the neck, décolleté and breast area. The neckline is one of the areas most exposed to external agents and especially to the action of UV rays. Moisturising and regenerating it daily is an act of love and awareness that helps prevent premature skin agein

Supplements for sensitive skin: do they work?

To improve the performance of your skincare routine for sensitive skin, it is ideal to choose the systemic support of food supplements. A dermocosmetic acts in the most superficial layers of the epidermis, while skin regeneration takes place in the dermis. This is why the SKINIUS research team has developed dermatological protocols that combine an IN&OUT action suitable for boosting the performance and results desired not only in terms of preventing skin aging, but also for specific needs. 

FOSPID.IN is the skin supplement with biotin, phospolipids and glucosamine, ideal also in case of sensitive skin because it acts as a booster of the topical dermocsometic action, because it is formulated with the same functional active ingredients.

PLUSOL.IN, on the other hand, is a supplement with copper, zeaxanthin and maritime pine extract, ideal for helping sensitive skin prepare for sun exposure. Copper intervenes in the processes that regulate the production of melanin, promoting skin pigmentation.nt premature skin agein

Never without sunscreen

In the case of sensitive skin, it is essential to protect the skin with a high level of photoprotection. Sun and heat are among the main factors that can lead to excessive skin reactivity. Sensitive skin can experience frequent and more invasive erythema and sunburn. For this reason, in addition to selecting a good sun cream for sensitive skin, it is important to choose to expose yourself away from the middle of the day and apply sun cream every two hours. It is also important to keep the skin cool - a simple spray with running water is enough.

Linea solare per pelle sensibile Skinius

The PLUSOL sun care line from SKINIUS was developed to help even the most sensitive skin to protect itself from UVA/UVB radiation thanks to a filter system that is safer for the skin and the environment. The Plusolin complex, a mix of vegetable oils which acts as a natural booster protecting the skin from the sun's rays, characterises the entire line. 

The textures of the line are light and delicate and perfect for protecting even the most sensitive areas such as the hands and scalp, but also in the presence of tattoo spots and scars. 

FORTIKER line for sensitive scalp

The Skinius research team is interested in improving the quality of life of the cells of all skin adnexa from head to toe. This mission has led to the creation of the FORTIKER hair line specifically designed to meet the dermatological needs of the most sensitive scalp.

FORTIKER contain a range of hair products with exclusive Glixina complex with a restructuring, volumising and strengthening action suitable for all hair types at all times of year and life.