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    Eye contour cream
    € 75

  • liftnes-crema-collo-seno-decollete.jpg


    Neck, décolleté and breast cream
    € 84

  • natrux-crema-rassodante-corpo.jpg


    Firming body cream
    € 39

  • fospid-serum-face-serum.jpg

    Fospid Serum

    Face serum
    € 61

  • beauty-box-crema-corpo-e-crema-collo-seno.jpg

    Body Beauty Box: Liftnes e Natrux®

    cream and body cream
    € 120

  • mountain-protective-creams.jpg

    Mountain Beauty Box

    Eye contour cream, face cream and lip balm
    € 119

  • per-lui-creme-antirughe-uomo.jpg

    Beauty box for Him

    Face serum, eye contour cream and face cream
    € 190

  • skinius-starter-kit.jpg

    Skinius Starter Kit

    Face serum, cleansing milk and lip balm
    € 95

Sensitive and irritated skin: creams to hydrate and nourish

Sensitive skin is characterised by a thin hydrolipid film and tends to be overreactive. Since it has ineffective natural barriers, even dry skin is easily reddened or irritated, especially when exposed to external agents that cause deep dehydration. Sensitive skin is also prone to inflammation that can lead to premature aging.

To prevent these problems and guarantee daily wellbeing, it is crucial to regularly cleanse and treat the skin with the right cream for sensitive skin, preferably cosmetic products that contain the innovative Fospidina complex, which maintains hydration and strengthens skin. It is also important to use formulas that are rich in antioxidants such as linolenic acid and flavonoids, to improve the microcirculation and prevent irritations such as couperosis.

Delicate formulas that are 100% compatible with your sensitive skin: choose Skinius for authentic and natural beauty

The Skinius laboratories have developed specific products for sensitive skin which keep it hydrated, healthy, radiant and naturally beautiful with the delicate touch that this skin type needs and deserves. For daily hydration, why not choose hydrating products containing delta-lactone and glucosamine, while it is best to use formulas rich in Vitamin E for an elasticising and firming action. We would certainly recommend trying our products containing Fospidina: contained in varying percentages in our anti-aging creams, it is an exclusive active ingredient that carries the main elements involved in the production of collagen and elastin deep into the dermis. These substances help our body to keep skin firm, soft and fresh with lasting results.