The SKINIUS research team's anti-aging innovation is based on the Booster IN&OUT treatment, the synergic action of a dermo-cosmetic and a food supplement. 

By definition, the action of a dermocosmetic cannot go beyond the epidermis. But it is in the dermis that cell regeneration takes place, particularly in an area known as the Grenz zone, the most superficial band of the dermis where skin cell reproduction activity is very high.

By acting synergistically, topically with a dermocosmetic and systemically with a supplement, the ability of the active ingredients to support cell regeneration and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen fibres and elastin is enhanced. 

Thanks to a perfect blend of nutritional technology and dermatological science, the IN&OUT booster action intensifies the synergistic and complementary action of the dermocosmetic and the supplement, promoting the regeneration of the skin, which appears turgid, even and smooth.

The food supplements of the SKINIUS Nutraceuticals line include an innovative supplementation plan with specific active ingredients, with targeted action and personalised dosage. 

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