Did you know that maintaining good skin fullness is the basis of a good anti-aging beauty routine? If the muscles of the face and body are kept fit, the skin will be visibly firmer and more turgid. Together with SKINIUS dermatologists, let's find out which skincare allies help to keep muscles and skin free from sagging and laxity.

Why do tissues lose tone and firmness?

Loss of skin and muscle fullness is a direct consequence of aging. Over the time, the production of collagen and elastin, the supporting proteins, decreases, encouraging the appearance of the first signs of muscle loosing. In the same way as in the muscles and bones, activity and structure change. This is the much-hated "gravity effect" or skin slackening, a physiological and inevitable phenomenon that can be prevented and slowed down by a correct beauty routine and daily measures.

The sagging process can be accelerated by a genetic predisposition or bad habits. Among the most common causes of skin and muscle tone loss are: smoking, stress, diet, unhealthy physical activity, drastic diets and UV rays.

Come mantenere il tono muscolare Skinius

How to prevent loss of skin fullness?

Preventing skin and muscle loosing requires small daily measures combined with a beauty routine with active ingredients designed to support the maintenance of muscle tone.

White meat proteins and vegetables such as lentils, quinoa, chicken and turkey should not be missing from the table. All these foods are excellent allies in helping to maintain well-being and muscle tone, just as dried fruit is a healthy and antioxidant snack that is also ideal post-workout. It is important not to neglect hydration. We recommend at least 2 litres of water a day combined with herbal teas or centrifuges.

To maintain a well-defined oval you need targeted training. Face yoga sessions can be useful for keeping facial muscles trained and firmer. The result will then be visible on the skin, with a brighter, more elastic and turgid ruddiness. 

A food supplement to promote skin and muscle fullness

To keep away the first signs of sagging and laxity, the SKINIUS research team has formulated an exclusive product: TONIFIX.IN, a food supplement at the basis of any anti-aging beauty routine to promote wellbeing and muscle fullness, and consequently skin one.

Tonifix.IN food supplement is based on selected and researched active ingredients such as vitamin D3, which contributes to the maintenance of physiological muscle function and bone tissue balance. Willow extract, on the other hand, is useful in combating localised tension and supporting joint function. Curcumin and piperine are valuable antioxidants.

A dietary supplement that fits perfectly into all anti-aging beauty routines, with a very precise mission, that of maintaining correct skin tone, thus helping to prevent the relaxation of tissues

Its selected active ingredients are the result of years of research in the nutraceutical field for an innovative integrated and synergic anti-aging approach with an IN&OUT action with the SKINIUS dermocosmetic line based on Fospidin.

Prevent skin sagging with an IN&OUT action

For even more satisfactory results in terms of preventing sagging and laxity, our dermatologists have devised an IN+IN+OUT protocol.

Cedimento cutaneo Skinius per prevenire il rilassamento cutaneo

The IN+IN+OUT Skin and muscle loosening Antiaging Protocol is designed to help prevent the first symptoms of skin and muscle loosing, while promoting the well-being and balance of muscles and bones, the first support for the skin.

- TONIFIX.IN is concerned with maintaining muscle and bone well-being.

- FOSPID.IN is a food supplement containing phospholipids, glucosamine and biotin for the well-being of the skin and better maintenance of its appearance.

The two supplements act in synergy at a systemic level to maintain tone, firmness and elasticity of the tissues. In addition, the action of FOSPID.IN conveys the active ingredients of TONIFIX.IN in a deeper way, thanks to the carrier action of phospholipids.

The protocol is completed by the undisputed best-seller FOSPID Active Anti-Aging Regenerating Serum, with a high Fospidin content, to be applied daily to restore fullness, density and radiance to the skin.

Promoting skin fullness of face and body

While the first signs of sagging and loosening on the face may be more obvious, it is important not to overlook the body skin. Specific areas of the silhouette can be affected by the appearance of laxity, such as the inner arms, inner thighs and abdomen. 

In addition to correct daily physical activity, our dermatologists have identified an IN&OUT dermatological protocol designed to maintain muscle and skin tone: the Total Tone Kit.

Protocollo Corpo Tonico Skinius
The beauty routine Total Tone contains 3 firming and anti-aging allies designed for daily body care. From the inside, the action of TONIFIX.IN, a supplement that helps maintain correct muscle and bone function. NATRUX Body Cream, with its elasticising and firming action, helps to regenerate the skin of the entire silhouette, promoting elasticity and skin firmness. FOSPID Active Serum, on the other hand, acts in a special way on imperfections such as spots and laxity and is a precious ally to support skin compactness in the most critical areas.   

Never without sunscreen

UV radiation is one of the main causes of sagging skin. The sun's radiation encourages the process of photoaging and in addition to the appearance of more obvious wrinkles, it also promotes the appearance of thin and dull skin. Using high sun protection is absolutely necessary to help prevent sagging skin even under the beach umbrella. 

Protezione solare per prevenire cedimento cutaneo

PLUSOL Face Sun Cream SPF50 and PLUSOL Body Sun Milk SPF50 thanks to the Plusolina complex and a more sustainable and highly biodegradable filter system for the environment, give the skin high protection without sacrificing the tan. The light and delicate textures of the two sunscreens are designed to moisturise and nourish the skin, promoting an anti-aging action.