• h2o-face-cream.jpg


    Anti-aging face cream
    € 64

  • shatui-crema-viso-antiage.jpg


    Anti-aging face cream
    € 73

  • fospid-serum-face-serum.jpg

    Fospid Serum®

    Face cream
    € 61

  • anti-aging-super-fospid-serum-and-shatui.jpg

    Super Anti-Aging: Fospid Serum® and Shatui®

    Serum and face cream
    € 125

  • antiage-contorni-crema-contorno-occhi-rimage-crema-contorno-labbra-noagy.jpg

    Anti-Aging Contour: Rimage® e Noagy®

    Eye contour cream and lip balm
    € 120

  • total-anti-aging-35y.jpg

    Total Anti-Aging 35+

    Face cream, anti-aging, eye contour cream and lip balm
    € 240

  • antiage-totale-50y-creme-antieta-skinius.jpg

    Total Anti-Aging 50+

    Face, eye contour and neck cream, anti-aging serum and lip balm
    € 330

  • fitness-box.jpg

    Fitness Box

    Firming body cream, lip balm and face cream
    € 145

Dry and dehydrated skin? Make it soft and velvety again!

The skin is our most important protective barrier: it defends us from infections and is fundamental for regulating our body temperature. But when the skin is dehydrated, dry and even flaky, these functions are less effective because it is weak, fragile and visibly less healthy. Only specific hydrating creams can resolve this irritating problem. Remember that even a quick daily beauty routine can help us have smooth, hydrated, nourished and soft skin.

These products are particularly important in case of frequent washing or the use of harsh soaps, which eliminate lipids from the skin. That is why it is a good idea to treat yourself with a nourishing and regenerating cream, after every shower or bath, with particular attention to the face which is most exposed to external agents.

Skinius research has resulted in powerful regenerating and hydrating creams for perfect levels of superficial and deep skin hydration.

How can we offer you such a high-performance product? The Fospidina complex, formed of glucosamine and phospholipids, conveys essential substances for the production of collagen and elastin deep into the dermis and is fundamental for the correct hydration of your skin. Our range of Fospidina-based creams for a beautiful face includes SHATUI regenerating face cream and H2+O hydrating face cream, which maintain soft and silky skin thanks to their powerful anti-aging action, guaranteed by profound cellular regeneration.

The phospholipids contained in regenerating FOSPID Active Serum, on the other hand, penetrate deep into the dermis and are absorbed immediately as they share the same structure. MILIS cleansing milk will eliminate all impurities at the end of the day for soft, radiant and hydrated skin that will look immediately regenerated and deeply healthy. Try our cream combos to create a personal beauty routine based around your needs: there’s a Beauty Box for all your needs!