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Are you looking for an intensive and specific treatment? SKINIUS face masks are designed to meet your dermatological needs thanks to their functional active ingredients that act with a surprising shutter speeds.

SKINIUS face masks are easy to apply and with effective results, ideal for a periodic and / or daily treatment. The formulation technology of SKINIUS face masks comes from the expertise of the SKINIUS research team with the aim of giving a moment of sublime well-being for all skin types.

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FOSPID Active Serum is the perfect regenerating and anti-aging face mask that can help restore firmness and brightness to the skin. Thanks to the high concentration of the Fospidina complex and its performance, FOSPID active serum can be used as mask. The perfect ally to restore tone and radiance to the skin before a big event or a special night.

ALUSAC Mask is a smoothing and purifying treatment indicated not only to prevent impurities and imperfections, but also for a detox action of all skin types, even the most sensitive. Its purifying and mattifying power is supported by the Alusil complex with an antibacterial properties, associated with natural extracts such as green clay, peppermint and moringa oleifera. Alusac Mask is ideal for both face and body of all ages.

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