SKINIUS (Skinius, from the English word skin and the Latin word ius for right) is an Italian company founded by Dr. Mariagrazia Boniardi, expert biologist with 30 years experience in glicobiology, dermatology and cosmetology.

The scientific innovation used by Skinius is the Fospidina complex. It is made from phospholipids extracted from soya and glucosamine for direct action on the skin cells to slow the aging process and improve skin blemishes.

Skinius formulations are suitable for even the most sensitive skin because they act in harmony with the physiological rhythms of the cutaneous tissue, thanks to biocompatible active ingredients. What does this mean? This means that if you suffer from allergies or frequent skin rashes, our products will respect and pamper your skin, helping to soothe the pain and reduce any blemishes caused by extreme sensitivity or simply the natural aging of your skin.

Even the choice of materials for our packaging demonstrates our dedication to your skin and the environment: we use bottles that are easy to recycle and provide the optimum conditions to preserve the active ingredients contained in the product over time.

All Skinius ranges are 100% made in Italy and are sold in pharmacies and online at

Our beliefs

  • We believe in the authentic beauty of a radiant and expressive face. We want to improve the quality of your skin cells and ensure they are in the very best condition to produce more collagen and elastin We help your skin to find within itself the natural resources needed for long-lasting radiance.
  • We believe in science and dermatology. We consult with the leading researchers, dermatologists and cosmetologists in order to develop high-performance formulas that will respect your skin and the environment we live in. 
  • We believe in simplicity. We have created a range of essential products to satisfy the needs of your skin at any time of the year or during any phase of your life. We know that every person, every age and every pathology needs specific care and daily loving gestures.

Founder Mariagrazia Boniardi

Skinius was founded by biologist Mariagrazia Boniardi in 2007. She has thirty years of experience in tissue biology, glycobiology, dermatology and cosmetology. These combined studies led to the creation of high-performance products suitable for even the most sensitive skin

Biologist, researcher and patient herself, Mariagrazia Boniardi tests Skinius products on her own hyper-sensitive and intolerant skin first. As you can see, our research is driven by passion and the personal involvement of somebody who has suffered from problematic and highly reactive skin since she was a teenager and now wants to give other people like her the chance to enjoy their beauty without a care in the world.

Along with her research team, Mariagrazia Boniardi specialises in the natural processes of cellular regeneration in order to improve skin blemishes and slow the signs of aging. The innovative In&Out Booster treatment from the Skinius laboratory combines dermocosmetic action with a nutritional supplement in order to tackle the signs of aging on two fronts: internally and externally.

«Erythema, itching and swelling. It was so bad that I couldn't even tolerate water and or wind on my skin. I decided to use my knowledge of biology to develop formulas that would prevent these problems. That is how SKINIUS was born»

The Skinius ranges and the fospidina complex

Skinius currently offers two product ranges, both 100% made in Italy and formulated with innovative active ingredients such as the exclusive Fospidina complex:

    • Skinius The Doctor Is In: is the anti-aging dermocosmetic range tested on the most sensitive skin and formulated to keep the risk of allergy to a minimum. It includes anti-aging serums, creams and lip balms for the face and body;
    • Skinius Nutraceuticals: the range of anti-aging nutritional supplements that act internally to improve the wellbeing of skin, hair and nails, protecting them from the sun and tackling unsightly cellulite.

Our exclusive active ingredient, Fospidina, is a complex made from phospholipids extracted from soy and glucosamine. Their synergic action has demonstrated an effective regenerating action on cutaneous tissues, with a perceptible anti-aging response.


How does Fospidina work?

The innovation developed by Skinius laboratories was to combine the actions of phospholipids and glucosamine. How? The phospholipids form a spherical cavity (liposome) which holds the glucosamine molecule. The liposome penetrates the deepest layers and carries the glucosamine with it, which encourages the production of new hyaluronic acid and physiological cellular regeneration. This makes it possible to help those natural biological processes that slow down and become less efficient with age.

Because phospholipids
  • Have a powerful carrier system.
  • Are rich in linoleic and linolenic acid, two essential polyunsaturated fatty acids used to rebuild the superficial hydrolipid barrier.
  • Thanks to their structural affinity with the phospholipidic membrane molecules, they can quickly pass through the stratum corneum to encourage hydration and keep the hydrolipid film intact.
Because Glucosamine 
  • Is a sugar involved in the biosynthesis of hyaluronic acid.
  • Forms the membrane glycoproteins responsible for cellular communication.

The Fospidina complex is found in all products from the Skinius The Doctor Is In dermocosmetic range, especially FOSPID Active Serum face cream and the skin supplement FOSPID.IN