At SKINIUS, working does not only mean performing our tasks professionally. It means putting love into everything we do in order to offer products that are made well and for good. Our attention and care translate into gestures, attentions, initiatives and projects that, day after day, distinguish our brand by the quality of our work and our products. 

Find out here how and why we want to work responsibly for you. 


In all Skinius offices:

- We adopt a plastic free approach: we do not use disposable cups or spoons, preferring recycled and recyclable materials for food and drinks. We also encourage the use of water bottles and public water for staff.

- we separate paper, plastic and glass, striving to minimise the consumption of office supplies and purchasing from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified suppliers. 

- we regularly replace electrical and electronic equipment when it has reached the end of its useful life in order to reduce its environmental impact. If they are still usable, we donate them to schools, oratories or people in need.

- the toner in our printers is certified by the Green World Alliance Program, a corporate programme that recovers and recycles cartridges and inks.

Concerning our products:

- in the Milan area, bicycle delivery is available for the 38 postcodes where the service can be provided, namely all those that are accessible without driving on fast roads and that are easily controlled.

- we choose packaging that minimises product waste and prefer to use recycled and easily recyclable components wherever possible (after separating the glass, plastic and cardboard components).   

- our packaging, shopping bags and brochures are all printed on mixed FSC certified paper, as stated on the label. This means that our cardboards do not come from illegally felled trees, but from controlled processes that guarantee, under the control of an international body, the programmed replanting of the cut trunks.

- we do not use the traditional plastic film that covers the boxes of many dermo-cosmetics, so to reduce the use of plastic and make it easier to dispose cardboards.   

Prodotti Skinius

The packaging chosen for cosmetics accounts for 20% of the sector's greenhouse gas emissions, while transport and the choice of materials account for 10%. (Quantis for Cosmetica Italia, 2020).

- our sprays work with BOV (Bag-on-Valve) technology that uses only natural compressed air, without additives, ensuring up to 99% product emptying, optimising spending and avoiding waste.  

- our glass airless bottles boast a patented technology that avoids contact with air to protect the formula and less use of preservatives. This allows a complete use without waste, reducing the percentage of residue, with a product return rate of over 95%. Last but not least, we claim the strong ecological value of the packaging thanks to a post-consumer recycling system that allows glass to be separated from plastic.

Packaging sostenibile Skinius

Containers that do not allow the right dosage or products that require a lot of water to be rinsed are responsible for 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions of the industry. (Quantis for Cosmetica Italia, 2020). That is why, wherever possible, we have chosen packaging that can facilitate these processes when using our products.

- in order to limit the amount of sun filters used in our products while maintaining a high level of UV protection, we have adopted a formulation technology that favours a booster effect and allows a lower concentration of filters to be used for the same level of protection.


We guarantee a '100% made in Italy' skincare production chain for all processing and even for the design of the formula and packaging: all is carried out in Italy. This differentiates our approach from the common "Made in Italy" claim, which requires only the "substantial processing" of the product to be done in Italy. 

All our formulas are dermatologically tested and, in particular, their tolerability is tested on a panel of consumers with sensitive skin, in line with the indications developed by dermatologists and specialized Italian research institutes.

All our formulas are developed to reduce the risk of allergies and, in particular, our fragrances are allergen-free, i.e.: if present, they are below the limits that the European Regulation requires not to be exceeded for consumer safety. Read more about the regulation here. 

 It is important for us to work in a healthy environment, which allows all colleagues to have some space to relax. This is why we have created an "Office Garden" in our headquarter: a green corner where you can come together and breathe, momentarily disconnecting from the rhythms of work.

Skinius Company


The factories where our products are manufactured are all certified according to the ISO 9001 international standard, which certifies the existence of a Quality Management System for all the processes. 

Our Italian suppliers are chosen as close as possible to our premises, not only to reduce the environmental impact of logistics, but also to allow us to carry out quality checks directly on site. 

We have always been Italian and privately owned, and we will remain so. Our great strength is being a family business with a short decision-making chain, thanks to integrated and complementary management skills. 

We have a long-term vision, based on the multiple services we offer and on our attention to human capital and social problems of our territory. We are fast, responsive, punctual and flexible, ready to invest in the future and in innovation. With science and conscience.

The above is part of a voluntary effort by SKINIUS to go beyond the existing regulations by adopting even better and more virtuous practices.

In addition, regulations and laws, compliance with which is mandatory for all, require European manufacturers to: 

- Not to test products on animals  

- Only market products that have been assessed as safe for human health

- Only market products that have been evaluated for their claimed efficacy

- Manufacture products in accordance with 'Good Manufacturing Practices'.

These legal obligations are valid throughout Europe, as they have been laid down by the Community legislator in the interests of the consumer: it seemed right and pertinent to mention them in order to inform the consumer of the safeguards adopted by the industry in order to encourage confirmed confidence in the companies which are part of it and which market and sell cosmetic products in the European Union.