The SKINIUS research team has developed genderless lines ideal for both male and female skin. Face, body, hair, sun care and impure skin lines are designed to meet the needs of the skin at all times of the year and throughout life. 

However, advice on how to identify the most suitable products for men's skin is often needed. We asked SKINIUS dermatologists about their favourite creams and serums for men's skin. 

Male and female skin: the differences

Male and female skin have distinct differences, which depend on genetic and hormonal characteristics. The cellular activities of male skin are linked to the hormone testosterone, which determines its main characteristics. Male skin is thick, oily, shiny and tends to age more slowly than female skin. Nevertheless, it is also important to care for men's skin on a daily basis, especially when shaving frequently. 

How to care for man's skin

Creme viso per uomo di skinius

Many men prefer the "less is more" beauty routine, an anti-aging skincare that combines practicality and effectiveness: this has always been one of the objectives of SKINIUS, which has devised a simple, clean but functional approach that is suitable for all skin types, including the male one.

In addition to the 100% made in Italy dermocosmetics, the SKINIUS research team has combined the action of food supplements, smart products that are also appreciated by men for a more dynamic and performing anti-aging routine

Attention also needs to be paid to shaving, which in some cases, if performed frequently and with aggressive products, can also make men's skin sensitive and above all can lead to the development of symptoms related to acne.

How to choose cleanser for men

Facial cleansing is the first step in helping to prevent skin aging in men. During the day, impurities accumulate on the skin, which in the long term can lead to inflammation, a dull skin and an uneven texture. 

MILIS is recommended by dermatologists as an anti-aging cleansing milk for men. Thanks to its fluid and silky texture, it can be massaged directly into the skin with the hands, followed by a gentle rinse with lukewarm water. Its texture is enriched by the regenerating action of the Fospidin complex, vitamin C and E with antioxidant action. 

For men and boys with impure skin, or small pimples from shaving. We recommend ALUSAC Cleanser, which has a sebum-balancing and mattifying formula that is also ideal for men's skin. In addition to the Alusil complex, its texture is enriched with panthenol, a substance with soothing and moisturising properties. 

Face cream for men: which one do you prefer?

For men's facial treatment, the ideal is to prefer moisturising and light textures that are also perfect after shaving. 

H2+O is a hydrating and anti-aging face cream rich in active ingredients that promote correct skin hydration and help prevent the first imperfections of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. If it is true that men's skin ages more slowly, once these imperfections appear they are more evident and deeper. 

H2+O is recommended by dermatologists to comfort men's skin after shaving. 

In the case of impure skin, the moisturising and regularising texture of ALUSAC Cream, a daily treatment that helps prevent and reduce imperfections such as pimples, blackheads and greasy spots, is excellent.

For mature men's skin, the ideal is to support the action of the face cream with a regenerating and multifunctional serum. FOSPID Active Serum integrates perfectly into men's skin routines, helping to promote regenerative action that enhances the physiological processes of cell repair and regeneration.

Focused action for men's eye contour

The eye contour is one of the fastest aging parts of the male face, where wrinkles appear more evident and deeper, often accompanied by dark circles and eyes bags. Among the causes contributing to premature aging of this part of the face are atmospheric agents such as sun, wind and temperature changes that weaken the more delicate hydrolipidic film in this area of the face. 

trattamento viso antiaging per uomo skinius

Preventing these imperfections is possible thanks to a good eye contour for men which combines anti-aging action with specific active ingredients to support microcirculation. 

RIMAGE is the eye contour with a fresh, easy-to-apply gel texture that men also like. Fospidin, microspheres of hyaluronic acid, lactoferrin and hesperidin are the active ingredients that provide an all-round simultaneous action. Lactoferrin and hesperidin are useful in supporting microcirculation activity, helping to prevent puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

When the eye contour is particularly stressed, it is possible to boost the action of RIMAGE eye contour with FOSPID Active Serum. The high concentration of Fospidin in the serum acts as a carrier for the other active ingredients.

Food supplements for men

Easy and convenient to use, food supplements are among the products preferred by men when it comes to promoting the well-being of the skin and the entire body.

The SKINIUS Nutraceuticals line was created with the aim of offering personalised and adjustable treatment. In fact, all supplements are available in microtablets that are perfect for meeting the specific dermatological needs of the person concerned. 

integratori alimentari per uomo Skinius

FOSPID.IN, a food supplement for the wellbeing of the skin, is the first product to enrich the SKINIUS nutraceutical line because it is designed to support the results of the anti-aging dermocosmetic line from the inside. It is formulated with the same active ingredients: phospholipids, glucosamine and biotin. It can be taken all year round for a healthier and more even skin appearance.

TONIFIX.IN is man's favourite food supplement, a unique product that helps promote muscular and bone well-being. Appreciated by athletes and others. This food supplement with vitamin D3, willow extract, curcumin and piperine helps to maintain muscle and bone balance and has an antioxidant effect. You can take 1 to 4 tablets a day as needed.

PLUSOL.IN, on the other hand, is the food supplement that helps prepare the skin for sun exposure. Copper is a substance that intervenes in the enzymatic processes that help the natural production of melanin, while maritime pine extract and zexanthin act as antioxidants. The supplement is a valuable ally in the summer, but also all year round 1 tablet per day to maintain the antioxidant action. The dosage of PLUSOL.IN can vary from 1 to 4 tablets a day according to need, on the advice of your dermatologist and skin phototype.

FORITKER.IN with biotin, selenium and zinc is a food supplement indicated for the wellbeing of hair and nails, skin attachments that may also need an extra ally in men over time. FORTIKER.IN acts in synergy with the FORTIKER hair line to improve the appearance and wellbeing of men's hair too. 

The Nutraceuticals line is completed by CELULLIS.IN, a specific supplement for cellulite and to help improve microcirculation. It is also recommended by dermatologists in the case of eyes bags and dark circles under the eyes and is therefore also suitable for men. 

Men's skin sunscreens

The sun's rays are among the main causes of accelerated skin aging in men's skin. Even though men's skin is thick and resistant, UVA and UVB rays can still contribute to damage to cellular activity by promoting the formation of free radicals and subsequent photoaging. 

Fresh, light, quick-absorbing spray textures are best suited to men's skin, such as PLUSOL Sun Milk SPF50, ideal for protecting the skin during the first few days of holiday.

While PLUSOL Sun Spray SPF30 has a fresh and invisible touch that combines an innovative formulation rich in Plusolina, more sustainable filters and an environmentally friendly packaging. PLUSOL Spray is in fact in compressed air bottle format (Bag on Valve) a system that allows the consumption of the product down to the last drop. A sunscreen appreciated by men and sportsmen because it can be applied upside down and not only that, its texture is also ideal for protecting the scalp and hair.