The Skinius Group, founded in Milan in 2008 by the biologist Dr. Mariagrazia Boniardi, is a young and multifaceted company in the Italian panorama of dermatocosmetics in pharmacies. In these first ten years we have gained steady and solid growth in terms of turnover and expansion, creating successful products and brands, affirming ourselves at national and European level.

Skinius is a concrete, flexible and dynamic reality that offers broad prospects and strongly believes in its people.

Lavora con noi - Ufficio Skinius

We give space to talent and invest in young people, making them responsible from the beginning of their experience in the company, encouraging internal growth through meritocratic and fast career paths. We share an identity and a common style, made of enthusiasm and participation, with the awareness that the achievement of corporate objectives passes through the enhancement and realization of the potential of each of us.

Of primary importance it is to engage with loyalty and awareness of their duties and responsibilities in respect of colleagues and customers that choose to trust in Skinius


There are currently no open positions. To send a volunteer application please email to

What are the selection steps in Skinius?

Once you submit your CV to the email you will receive an email confirmation of your application within five working days. We will evaluate your profile and if it turned out in line with one of the open positions will be contacted for a telephone study and a possible interview. If there are no suitable positions to date at your profile, it will remain in our database for future opportunities.