Dry, but shiny. Dull, but with imperfections. Stressed skin is a particular skin type that presents symptoms typical of combination and oily skin accompanied by complaints that may be common to drier, dehydrated skin. Its meaning is indeed eloquent. Asphyxiated means without oxygen, breath, vitality and expression. So what attention should be paid to this particular skin type? Together with SKINIUS dermatologists, we have come up with some precious advice for stressed skin

How to recognise stressed skin

Typical characteristics of stressed skin are the alternation of shiny, oily areas and drier, cracked parts of the face. All the fault of the sebum, which is produced in excess (as in the case of oily skin) but in this case, accumulates deep between the skin layers. The result is dull, dry skin, but with imperfections and impurities such as pimples and blackheads. Finding the right beauty routine can be tricky, as you need to moisturise and rebalance, but without weighing it down. 

What causes stressed skin?

In order to establish the causes of stressed skin, it is important to always consult a dermatologist, the only one able to make a more accurate diagnosis.

Among the most common causes of stressed skin are: hormonal changes, a poor diet and inadequate skincare. Also watch out for stress and external agents that can make the skin more sensitive to the point of developing symptoms related to asphyxial skin.

Solutions and skincare for stressed skin

The best cure for stressed skin? Rebalance with a targeted and specific beauty routine. Just a few products, but with specific and gentle formulations. To this end, our dermatologists have created a specific protocol that combines the regenerating action of the Fospidin complex with rebalancing active ingredients such as the Alusil complex.

Cleanser for stressed skin

The first essential step, which should not be overlooked, is the choice of a good cleanser for stressed skin. Morning and evening cleansing, even without make-up, is a must, because it is the first step which helps regulate sebum production. Beware, however, of cleansers that are too aggressive and degreasing, as they may encourage the sebum-rebound effect, and it is better to use normalising active ingredients.

Detergente viso per pelle asfittica Alusac

A facial cleanser with Aluslil such as ALUSAC Cleanser may be the most suitable choice for this skin type. Its formulation is gentle and helps to promote a seboriequilibrating and mattifying action, ideal for limiting the appearance of impurities and excess sebum.

DELIKA Towel is the perfect beauty accessory to accompany your beauty routine for stressed skin, thanks to its 100% recyclable cotton fibres it promotes a gentle and natural micro-foliation that helps eliminate dead cells and promote cell renewal. 

Delika Towel per pelle asfittica

Once or twice a week, you can choose to perform a session of Cotton Scrub, a practice created by our team of Skin Experts that allows you not to renounce to a delicate mechanical exfoliation even in case of sensitive and stressed skin.

Yes, because excessively peelings could be counterproductive for the treatment of stressed skin. Instead, it is better to proceed step by step, with a gentle but constant exfoliating action.

Treatment for stressed skin

Rebalancing the skin needs of stressed skin requires patience and perseverance in the specific treatment of this skin type. 

Our dermatologists recommend the synergic and complementary application of ALUSAC Cream and FOSPID Active Serum. The first is recommended for rebalancing the skin and promoting antibacterial action to prevent the appearance of impurities and blemishes. It can be applied morning and evening to the whole face or to areas where the skin is more impure. 

Trattamento viso per pelle asfittica Skinius

FOSPID Active Serum is the regenerating and anti-aging ally, perfect for supporting the skin in those areas where it is most dry and dehydrated. Its particular formulation, rich in Fospidin, manages to penetrate deep into the skin layers, promoting the production of collagen and elastin, fundamental substances for keeping the skin firm and elastic. A product that can also be used as a night treatment to revitalise the skin and restore nourishment after a long day.

The importance of a purifying face mask

Once or twice a week, depending on the skin's condition, dermatologists may recommend the application of ALUSAC Mask which, in addition to green clay, contains the Alusil complex and natural extracts of moringa oleifera and peppermint. The synergistic action of these active ingredients immediately relieves the skin and restores its natural dullness. 

Maschera purificante per pelle asfittica Skinius

ALUSAC Mask can be applied to the face and neck or to localised impurities. To remove it gently without irritating the skin, you can use DELIKA Towel in 100% recyclable cotton to complete the smoothing and purifying action.