What are the best must-have accessories for your beauty routine? Discover SKINIUS accessories that can meet the daily dermatological needs of face and hair at any age and for any skin type.

SKINIUS accessories

The SKINIUS research team has developed accessories to enhance your beauty routine:

DELIKA Towel made of 100% recyclable cotton is a soft and fluffy face make-up remover cloth suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive.

FORTIKER Comb made of 100% bamboo wood, approved by dermatologists the health of the hair and scalp for women and men.

Other accessories keep the SKINIUS statement high throughout the day. The soft SKINIUS Beauty Bag stands for luxury and uniqueness, and is water, scratch and stain resistant. The SKINIUS Zip Bag is a practical, lightweight bag designed to accompany you on your daily commute. The SKINIUS Pop-Up Bag is designed to make every gift precious.

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