What is acne?

If you have acne, the first thing to do is to contact an experienced dermatologist for a more accurate diagnosis. Acne is a chronic disease that tends to affect men and women not only in adolescence, but also later in life. This skin inflammation is easily recognisable, following the appearance of skin imperfections such as: blackheads, pimples and other skin imperfections that can cause significant psychosocial discomfort. By acting promptly with specific acne creams, however, it is possible to prevent it and avoid damaging the skin with acne scars that may be even more difficult to eliminate with the passage of time.

What causes acne?

Acne: quali sono le cause - Skinius

Hormonal changes, stress and anxiety, bacterial changes, unhealthy diets and improper beauty routines can be the main causes of acne. These phenomena can alter the activity of a bacterium naturally present on the skin, P.Acnes, which triggers inflammation or contributes to over-stimulating the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Among the most recent causes of acne, there is also the prolonged use of a mask. A phenomenon that dermatologists call Maskne.

Acne symptoms

Acne and its symptoms follow a certain evolution. At first, it manifests itself in excessive sebum production, which results in shiny, greasy patches and enlarged pores. Hyperkeratosis then occurs: excess sebum begins to clog the pores and generate the first blackheads (black or white spots). The inflammation can then become deeper and be accompanied not only by blackheads but also by pimples and papules with pus. The deeper the inflammation becomes, the more sensitive the skin becomes and the more lesions can appear on the skin: acne scars

Acne: sintomi e rimedi skinius

ALUSAC and the Alusil complex

The ALUSAC line was created to support the well-being and balance of impure, combination, oily and acne-prone skin. ALUSAC is a fancy name that recalls the action of the line and the active ingredient that characterises the dermocosmetic products. 

The innovation of the line is the Alusil complex that characterises all the dermo-cosmetics. Alusil is activated by the synergistic action of silver microsponges and Alukin, a patented complex with astringent properties that help keep the activity of the sebaceous glands under control.

The line comprises 3 dermocosmetic products combined with the action of a specific dietary supplement for an effective IN&OUT beauty routine, which can be recommended by the dermatologist in the initial stages of acne, alongside pharmacological therapies and at the end of them to improve skin imperfections related to scarring.

Acne face cleanser

As it is a chronic condition that depends on many factors, acne needs long-term treatment and not a symptomatic cure. The first thing to do is to cleanse the skin daily with a facial cleanser for acne-prone skin such as ALUSAC Cleanser.

Formulated with gentle surfactants, ALUSAC Cleanser combines the rebalancing power of the Alusil complex with soothing active ingredients such as vitamin B5, better known as panthenol. ALUSAC Cleanser is essential morning and evening for cleansing acne prone skin. Best if accompanied by the gentle 100% recyclable cotton DELIKA Towel. It is indeed important in the case of acne-prone skin to cleanse the face gently so as not to irritate and redden the skin even more. 

Detergente per il viso con acne di Skinius Alusac

In order to combine the cleansing action of ALUSAC with the cleansing power of make-up removal, MILIS Cleansing Milk or DELIKA Micellar Water can be used depending on the severity of the acne. Usually in the case of late-onset acne or rosacea, MILIS is the ally recommended by dermatologists for more delicate and moisturising make-up removal. While DELIKA is useful in cases where acne is accompanied by redness because it is formulated with natural prebiotics.

Face cream and supplement for an IN&OUT action

ALUSAC Cream with Alusil complex, zinc gluconate and echinacea has an important mattifying, seboriequilibrating and normalising action. A moisturising treatment with antibacterial properties that is suitable for treating acne at any age. Its light, moisturising texture is ideal morning and evening all year round, even in summer.  

For more noticeable results, dermatologists recommend supporting the topical treatment also from within with ALUSAC Food Supplement.

ALUSAC Dietary supplement with zinc, glutathione, myo-inotisol, echinacea, maritime pine extract and biotin works to help maintain skin balance, helping to promote normal, balanced skin.

Purifying mask for impure skin
Maschera viso purificante con argilla verde di Skinius

ALUSAC Purifying Face Mask is the result of an intuition to provide oily, combination and acne-prone skin with a gentler, more delicate and at the same time effective mattifying treatment. ALUSAC Mask in addition to the Alusil complex is formulated with natural extracts such as: 

  • Green clay:with a purifying, detoxifying and absorbent properties.
  • Peppermint: with a refreshing, purifying and regulating properties that help reduce the irritation caused by acne. 
  • Moringa oleifera: tropical palnt with purifying properties. The seed extract showed antimicrobical activity in vitro.

ALUSAC Mask is a treatment that can also be recommended daily for localised use on pimples and blackheads. It is also excellent for asphyxial, combination and oily skin, in which case it can be applied once or twice a week. The advice is to use it with the help of DELIKA Towel f for a gentle removal of the product that does not attack the skin.


MASKNE: mask acne

The Coronavirus pandemic has overturned daily habits and caused stress to the skin, which dermatologists have identified as maskne: mask acne. Prolonged use of this medical device can in fact encourage (in some people) the appearance of impure skin accompanied by flaking and irritation. The cause of maskne (mask acne) is the warm humid environment that forms after many hours of wearing the mask. This can weaken the hydrolipidic film and allow bacteria to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, leading to inflammation.

maskne kit skinius per acne da mascehrina

The SKINIUS research team has developed a special dermatological protocol to help prevent mask acne and related blemishes. MASKNE KIT is a beauty and safe routine even under the mask, to help keep the skin more balanced. 

What to do about acne scars?

In some cases, dermatologists recommend FOSPID Active Serum for its regenerative properties even in the case of acne scars.

However, expert support is always needed to assess the specific skin situation. If the acne scars are obvious and deep, specific treatments and sessions are required. FOSPID is very helpful in rebalancing the skin and can therefore be used to prevent further blemishes directly related to acne inflammation.

SKINIUS Antiaging protocols for impure skin

In the case of adult-onset acne, it is important not to give up on anti-aging action. The SKINIUS team of dermatologists has selected specific dermatological protocols that combine the sebum-balancing action of the Alusil complex with the regenerating and anti-aging power of the Fospidin complex. 

Stressed Skin Kit: this particular type of skin tends to produce excess sebum deep down between the skin layers, making the skin dull and impure. 

Antiage & Imperfections Kita beauty routine designed for combination and oily skin at any age. 

Alusac Complete Kit: a moisturising and normalising routine indicated for adult-onset but also teenage acne. A complete IN&OUT treatment for those cases where acne is more severe.

Acne sunscreens

Summer is a friend/foe season for acne. While the sun and salt can promote an antiseptic effect for impure skin, spending too many hours in the sun and without the right protection can trigger a sebum rebound effect. 

Moreover, heat dilates the capillaries and stimulates the production of sebum, which exacerbates the typical symptoms of oily skin such as oily patches and blackheads.

In order to get off to a good start, it is therefore important to find a good sunscreen with a high protective factor combined with measures to ensure correct exposure to the sun: avoid the middle of the day, always keep the skin cool with a thermal water or a simple spray filled with running water, reapply the cream every two hours.

Solari per acne come sceglierli

The PLUSOL suncare line is also recommended for impure and acne-prone skin. The textures of the suncare products are light, fluid and easy to spread. The PLUSOL Sun Milk and PLUSOL Face Sun Cream with SPF 50 are particularly suitable, while the SPF 30 spray is recommended for already tanned skin. It may be useful to prepare the skin with an antioxidant food supplement and copper for skin pigmentation in the case of more obvious acne.