What are the differences between combination and oily skin and how can we treat this type of skin? We asked SKINIUS dermatologists what are the secrets to living with and improving the appearance of oily skin!

What are the differences between combination and oily skin?

Combination skin and oily skin are often considered to be the same skin type. In reality, there are differences between combination and oily skin which must be taken into account if we want to restore balance to the skin and get rid of the classic oily feel. A common feature of these two skin types is excess sebum, a phenomenon known as seborrhoea. With combination skin, excess sebum is usually located in certain parts of the face (the T-zone). In the case of oily skin, the overproduction of sebum affects the entire face, giving the skin its typical shiny appearance.

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Combination and oily skin: are there consequences?

Excess sebum in combination and oily skin can in some cases lead to direct consequences such as the formation of acne. The excessive activity of the sebaceous glands can alter the skin's microbiome, clog pores and cause inflammation. As well as in some cases, this excess of sebum can develop deep down, leading to the appearance of a dull complexion and an irregular grain typical of stressed skin

The beauty routine for combination and oily skin

A few products with a specific action and super-light textures! These are the key words for a daily beauty routine suitable for combination or oily skin. The most important step is cleansing, but the texture of the cleanser must not be too aggressive or you risk a sebum rebound effect.

Cleansing for combination skin

DELIKA Micellar Water is the smart ally that our dermatologists recommend for cleansing the face of combination skin thanks to its formulation rich in natural prebiotics such as Inulin and Gluco-Oligosaccharides. Prebiotics are substances that help maintain a balance in the skin's microbiome, the set of "good" bacteria that are physiologically present on the skin and form the hydrolipidic film, the skin's first defence barrier against external agents. DELIKA Micellar Water has a fresh and light texture that favours a 4-in-1 action: make-up removal, toning, moisturising, cleansing and anti-aging. Its formulation is in fact enriched with the exclusive Fospidin complex which helps to promote a regenerating action ideal for helping to slow down the appearance of skin imperfections typical of aging. 

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It is important to apply the facial cleanser morning and evening, even without make-up. DELIKA Towel is perfect to accompany cleansing to gently eliminate excess sebum and a more sustainable beauty routine.

If combination skin is accompanied by more dehydrated areas of the face, you can complement the action of DELIKA Micellar Water with MILIS Cleansing Milk, with a creamier and more emollient texture enriched with vitamin C and E and Fosipdin complex. 

Cleansing for oily skin

When skin is oily, it is often accompanied by impurities and imperfections, so the advice is to choose a more rebalancing and mattifying action. In these cases, the Alusil complex proves to be an extraordinary ally in facial cleansing for oily skin because it is designed to meet the needs of impure, combination oily and acne-prone skin. 

ALUSAC Cleanser with Antibacterial has a delicate formulation that combines the seborie-balancing and mattifying action of the Alusil complex with active ingredients such as vitamin B5 or panthenol, which helps promote antioxidant, soothing and moisturising activities designed to help oily skin regain balance by controlling the oily effect, typical of excessive sebum production. 

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If you want to prevent and also improve the appearance of enlarged pores, you can combine the action of ALUSAC Cleanser with DELIKA Micellar Water for tonic use. In the case of oily skin, in fact, the toning and refreshing action of micellar water is perfect to help fight the shiny effect, helping to keep the appearance of enlarged pores under control. DELIKA Towel is perfect for gently supporting DELIKA Micellar Water for toning.

Face care for combination skin

Moisturising facial care for combination skin should be a mix and match of light and moisturising textures. H2+O is the anti-aging hydrating face cream that many dermatologists also recommend for combination skin, to nourish those areas where the skin needs it most. While the rebalancing texture of ALUSAC Cream is specific for the shinier and more combination T-zone of the face. Thanks to the Alusil complex, ALUSAC Cream helps regularize the activity of the sebaceous glands, helping to promote cell renewal and prevent small spots related to boils. Ideal to apply morning and evening to the T-zone of the face. 

Face care for oily skin

When skin is oily, choosing a moisturising face cream seems really impossible - almost all textures end up promoting an oily, shiny effect. In such cases, the morning and evening moisturising face care for the whole face is ALUSAC Cream a real must-have for the daily oily skin beauty routine. Thanks to the Alusil complex with anti-bacterial action and its functional active ingredients, it promotes a normalising, mattifying and seboriequilibrating action, which is essential if the aim is to restore wellbeing and balance to oily skin. In addition, its texture is also useful for preventing and combating impurities such as pimples and blackheads.

FOSPID Active Serum, on the other hand, is recommended by many dermatologists to prevent spots and scars caused by acne or blackheads and pimples. The line's Best Seller, FOSPID Active Serum is a unique product that is suitable for all ages and all skin types, including oily skin, so as not to compromise on the anti-aging action of daily skincare. 

Scrub and exfoliating even for combination and oily skin?

Scrubs and exfoliants are not always necessary steps in the beauty routine of combination and oily skin.If they are too aggressive, they are in fact mainly responsible for the sebum rebound effect, which corresponds to even greater sebum production and the possibility of sensitising the skin.

This is why SKINIUS dermatologists recommend preferring the action of a purifying face mask such as ALUSAC Mask. In addition to the antibacterial activity promoted by the Alusil complex, this product guarantees a sebum-absorbing action thanks to natural extracts such as green clay.

ALUSAC Mask is perfect for localised use on imperfections or on the T-zone of the face in the case of combination skin, while when the skin is oily it can be applied to the whole face two or three times a week. DELIKA Towel in 100% recyclable cotton is instead the beauty accessory able to support the needs of those who just do not want to give up the exfoliating action. The texture of the cotton is in fact recommended for performing a cotton scrub, a delicate exfoliating practice exclusive to the SKINIUS research team.

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How to choose a sun cream for combination and oily skin?

Summer is the most critical season for combination and oily skin. While the action of the sun (with the right sunscreen) helps keep impurities under control, the shiny, greasy effect increases due to heat and sweat. So how do you choose the right sunscreen for combination and oily skin?

In general, it is important to choose a high SPF during the first few days in the sun, and then to increase the SPF to 30 after about 10 days of sun exposure when the skin is already tanned. It is important to pay attention to texture, preferring ultra-light or fluid creams. The Plusolina complex is also particularly suitable for combination and oily skin, and in particular, dermatologists recommend PLUSOL Face Sun Cream SPF50 and PLUSOL Body Sun Spray SPF50

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PLUSOL sun cream has a light and moisturising texture that can be used all year round, for skin that needs continuous sun protection. Its technology avoids the classic white halo typical of common sunscreens during application. PLUSOL Sun Milk SPF50 is a body sunscreen that can also be applied to the face for those who generally prefer more fluid textures in summer. Both sunscreens are water-resistant and contain a UVA/UVB sun filter system that is safer for humans and the environment.