Exciting and indescribable, pregnancy is a time in a woman's life that brings unique and positive feelings, but it also brings with it inevitable changes. The body and skin adapt to welcome the new life and consequently beauty habits must also adapt. It is also the mother-to-be's duty to inform herself and understand how to choose cosmetics during pregnancy without upsetting her favourite skincare.

Cosmetics in pregnancy: are there any risks?

Creme skinius in gravidanza

During pregnancy the skin is subjected to various stresses. Paying extra attention to your skin is essential if you don't want to risk leaving indelible marks such as spots and stretch marks. But can we trust our favourite anti-wrinkle cream even during pregnancy? In recent years, the beauty world has been overwhelmed by various trends - nickel free, paraben free, organic, natural - which promised to make new cosmetic products better than others. This has generated extra attention on the part of the consumer, but also a certain amount of anxiety, especially if at the cosmetics counter there is a mother who simply wants to enjoy her pregnancy without giving up her beauty routine. Cosmetica Italia, the national association of cosmetics companies, has provided clarification, reassuring all mothers-to-be that the cosmetics on sale are safe even during pregnancy and comply with the directives of EU Regulation 1223/2009.

Can Skinius cosmetics also be used during pregnancy?

SKINIUS has always been by the side of the most sensitive and delicate skin, which is why all our dermo-cosmetics are safe because they comply with the current European regulations and have no contraindications during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a normal physiological state during which it is possible to continue with the same skincare as always, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor. In accordance with current cosmetic regulations, there are no specific restrictions on the use of ingredients in cosmetic products for pregnant women.

Which moisturising face creams should be used during pregnancy?

Expectant mothers can challenge your most basic certainties. Hormonal imbalances can also have an impact on the skin, which used to prefer fresh, light textures but now requires more enveloping and nourishing formulations. Dermatologists recommend H2+O and SHATUI as face creams that can also be used during pregnancy because of their anti-aging active ingredients that respect sensitive skin:

H2+O is the gentle, hydrating day treatment that leaves the skin light, soft and firm thanks to active ingredients that help recharge the epidermis such as coenzyme Q10 and delthalactone, while microspheres of hyaluronic acid and Fospidin regenerate the skin in depth.

SHATUI is an emollient pamper that helps redefine the oval thanks to a pool of amino acids, Fospidin, hyaluronic acid microspheres and vitamin E, which promotes antioxidant action.

The Skinius pregnancy protocol

The SKINIUS research team has devised a specific protocol for skin and hair during pregnancy. On the one hand, the regenerating action of Fospidin gently accompanies the skin during changes before and after childbirth. On the other hand, the Glixina action of the FORTIKER active lotion, a targeted treatment to maintain the wellbeing of the hair.

Creams with SPF and sunscreens during pregnancy

Once you have chosen the face cream best suited to your pregnant skin, you can pair it with cleansing and contouring products, always remembering to seek advice from your doctor as your pregnancy develops. This particular time in a woman's life is always unpredictable and it is important to listen to your skin and body more carefully and consciously. For more vulnerable skin prone to minor discolouration, it is important not to be fooled by products claiming to be miracle products, such as "anti-stain pregnancy sun cream". For proper protection of the face from the sun's rays during pregnancy, it is sufficient to apply a sun cream with SPF50, the highest protection you can find on the market. PLUSOL sun cream combines the action of UVA/UVB filters with the Plusolina complex, a mix of vegetable oils that gently protect the skin.

Which body creams to use in pregnancy?

Many experienced dermatologists recommend NATRUX body cream during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks. Thanks to its moisturising and restorative active ingredients, when used daily NATRUX keeps the skin more supple and soft - two essential factors in supporting the skin during the physical change that comes with pregnancy. The synergistic use of the firming, moisturising and elasticising cream on the skin of belly and body and FOSPID active serum, a multifunctional product that can also be useful in the case of blemishes, which can affect many pregnant women.  

Choosing cosmetics during pregnancy now seems less scary, but remember to always consult an expert and don't over-apply creams. Instead, choose formulations for sensitive skin that make your creams suitable for application during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Hair in pregnancy

Extra attention should also be paid to hair during pregnancy. During this hormonal change, it is important to choose a haircare routine that respects the more sensitive scalp with sophisticated active ingredients. The FORTIKER hair line is designed to allow daily hair care with a strengthening, restructuring and volumising action. FORTIKER Shampoo and mask can be applied every day. The gel texture of FORTIKER Active shampoo is designed to nourish and moisturise the entire hair. While FORTIKER Active Mask can be applied after shampooing with the same application as a conditioner to help prevent split ends and restore shine to the hair. It is important to complete the treatment with FORTIKER Active Lotion, a product that can be compared to a face serum, designed to maintain the hair's wellbeing and balance. It is ideal in cases where the hair is weaker and more brittle. 

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