Did you think that all wrinkles were the same? No, there are many different types of wrinkles, and in order to prevent and combat them, it is important to know them. To do this, we have asked SKINIUS dermatologists to reveal the truth about wrinkles, micro-wrinkles and their treatment. 

Expression wrinkles

They are the first to appear as they reflect our emotions. Expression lines already appear around the age of 20-25. This shows that one of the main causes of expression lines is not necessarily the ageing process.

These types of wrinkles and micro-wrinkles are in fact a response to our facial expressions. A kind of distinctive and personal character that enhances us. When we laugh, when we are angry or sad, our facial muscles become a mirror of our emotions, which are reflected in our skin. 

Among the most common expression lines are the radial wrinkles around the eyes (crow's feet), the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and the vertical wrinkles around the lips (barcode wrinkles).

come prevenire le rughe d'espressione skinius

How to prevent expression wrinkles

To prevent expression lines, it is important to keep the skin properly moisturised. Dryer, dehydrated skin can make these fine lines more obvious and deeper. It is important to start with correct cleansing to eliminate impurities and excess sebum, helping to keep the skin more elastic and ready for subsequent treatments.

Cleansing Special combines the toning and make-up removal action of DELIKA Micellar Water with the moisturising and emollient action of MILIS Cleansing Milk. A year-round cleansing routine, which accompanies the needs of the skin in every season thanks to the combined textures of the two cleansers. Completing the treatment is DELIKA Towel in 100% recyclable cotton, which helps to ensure a gentle daily micro-swipe.

Thanks to the combined power of micellar water and cleansing milk, you can choose between two modes of use:

- MOISTURIZING and EMOLLIENT: start with the make-up removing action of DELIKA and finish with the moisturising action of MILIS accompanied by DELIKA Towel.

- TONIC and FRESH: starting with the velvety texture of MILIS Cleansing Milk and continuing with DELIKA Micellar Water, also without rinsing, gently dabbed on the face like a tonic with the help of DELIKA Towel in 100% recyclable cotton.

H2+O Cream, on the other hand, is the ideal moisturising and anti-ageing facial treatment to help prevent the first expression lines. Its active ingredients: Fospidin complex, deltalactone, coenzyme Q10 help to promote superficial and deep moisturisation, helping to recompact the superficial corneal cells and curb excessive water loss through the epidermis. 

Ideally, you should support the dermocosmetic action from within with a skin care food supplement such as FOSPID.IN based on biotin. This supplement has selected ingredients such as biotin, phospholipids and glucosamine, which help to maintain the well-being of the skin by promoting firmness and elasticity.

If expression lines are concentrated on the contours, targeted action is required. Anti-aging contour is a kit containing a specific treatment for the most delicate areas of the face. RIMAGE is the anti-aging eye contour that helps prevent wrinkles, micro-wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and eyelid sagging thanks to selected active ingredients such as Fospidin, hesperidin and lactoferrin. While NOAGY is the regenerating lip balm that helps to recompact the lips and lip contour, helping to prevent micro-wrinkles in this area. 

Sleep wrinkles

Sleeping wrinkles or pillow wrinkles are caused by the position we assume when we sleep at night. When we sleep, our skin can contract as a result of pressure on the pillow, leading to the appearance of small wrinkles that are clearly visible when we wake up. For a truly beautiful night's sleep, we need to clear our minds of bad thoughts and choose a good night care product.

It is also important to maintain skin elasticity. The more elastic the skin, the easier it will be to smooth out sleep lines in the morning, including with a proper facial massage or a session of face yoga

prevenire le rughe da sonno skinius

How to prevent sleep wrinkles

Exceptional for helping to combat sleep wrinkles is a night treatment supported by the regenerating and anti-ageing action of FOSPID Active Serum. This multifunctional serum is the best seller in the SKINIUS line, which many dermatologists recommend as a night treatment for firmer, brighter and more compact skin when you wake up. FOSPID can be applied to the whole face or locally to those sleep lines that are most visible and noticeable. But that's not all, FOSPID is also ideal for use as a mask, an intensive regenerating treatment to restore a more relaxed and luminous skin appearance. 

Maintaining skin elasticity also requires physical activity. The Face Yoga Beauty Kit contains a facial skincare designed to accompany your facial gymnastics session.

Before each face yoga or facial gymnastics session, it is important to cleanse the face. We start with MILIS Cleansing Milk with a moisturising action and finish with DELIKA Micellar Water to leave the skin more toned and fresh. Next comes FOSPID Active Serum with antioxidant and anti-age action: accompany the application of the serum with massages from the bottom up to help lift the skin. Complete your anti-age workout with targeted massages for the eye and lip contours, supported by the regenerating action of RIMAGE and NOAGY.

Actinic wrinkles

One of the main causes of actinic wrinkles is incorrect sun exposure. Actinic wrinkles are very fine and closely spaced. They are not as noticeable when first appearing, but over time they can become very visible and deep.

The sun has many benefits for the skin, but it is also a major contributor to premature skin aging (photo-aging). Incorrect sun exposure accelerates the production of free radicals and encourages the process of cellular oxidation. Cellular bonds are destroyed and the first actinic wrinkles appear, along with dehydration and possible blemishes.

come prevenire le rughe attiniche skinius

How to prevent actinic wrinkles

If you have sun-sensitive skin (on the advice of your dermatologist) you may be advised to apply a sun cream with high protection 50 all year round. PLUSOL Face Cream SPF50 by SKINIUS has a fresh, light texture that allows it to be applied 365 days a year thanks to the Plusolin complex and filters that are more sustainable for the environment and for humans. A product that combines anti-aging expertise with high protection.

For a targeted treatment against actinic wrinkles, our dermatologists recommend the IN&OUT action of the Active Sunscreen Beauty Kit. This protocol combines the protective and preventive action against photo-aging of PLUSOL Sun Cream with the systemic antioxidant action of PLUSOL.IN, a food supplement with copper, zeaxanthin and maritime pine extract. This supplement can be taken all year round with 1 tablet per day for constant antioxidant action. While in preparation for summer, you can take 1 to 4 tablets a day (depending on your skin's needs) to prepare your skin for a tan. FOSPID serum can be applied before the PLUSOL sun cream in the morning or as a night treatment to regenerate the skin after a long day. 

However, the best prevention of actinic wrinkles remains proper sun protection. In this case, the PLUSOL Complete Kit contains the entire sun care line for sun protection from head to toe thanks to selected SPFs and the PLUSOL.IN food supplement.

Gravitational wrinkles

Gravity wrinkles are the most obvious and deepest wrinkles that can be accompanied by muscle loosing and laxity. The causes of gravity wrinkles are closely linked to skin aging and gravity, as the word itself suggests. Already from 25/30 in fact the cells slow down in the production of collagen and elastin, fundamental substances for the maintenance of the skin, its elasticity and turgidity. This particular type of wrinkle becomes clearly visible from the age of 50 and in many women with the arrival of the menopause when, due to hormonal imbalance, oestrogen levels decrease. 

rughe gravitazionali come prevenirle

How to prevent gravitational wrinkles

A healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, physical education and the use of suitable dermocosmetics can certainly make a difference in preventing gravity wrinkles. But once they appear, it is important to identify a targeted beauty routine to help improve their appearance.

The Skin and muscle loosening Antiaging Protocol is among the best choices when it comes to helping prevent and combat muscle loosing, laxity and sagging skin. This kit consists of the synergistic action of supplements and regenerating serum. FOSPID.IN is the supplement that helps maintain the correct skin firmness. While TONIFIX.IN acts by helping to maintain the well-being of muscles and bones, two fundamental systems on which the entire skin rests. FOSPID Active Serum completes the routine by helping cells in their physiological regeneration and repair processes. 

To help combat gravitational wrinkles, a structured facial treatment is needed, such as the rich, full-bodied texture of SHATUI Nourishing Face Cream. Its texture is enriched with Fospidin complex, passion flower and macadamia oils, pure hyaluronic acid and vitamin E with an anti-oxidant action. A rich anti-aging treatment that helps redefine the oval shape and prevent the first signs of sagging. 

The neck, breast and décolleté areas should not be underestimated. Often, the first gravitational wrinkles affect the neckline, where the skin is thinner, more delicate and exposed to UV rays. LIFTNES has a melting texture that promotes a regenerating and elasticizing action, ideal for preventing the first muscle loosing of the neck, décolleté and breasts.