Have you received a coupon but don't know how to use it? Do you want to redeem your loyalty points, but you're still not sure how to activate the discount code? Here are lots of useful and practical tips to get the most out of your purchases

What are #cellulefelici points and how do they work?

For every purchase you make on www.skinius.it you earn loyalty points that you can redeem for a voucher at any time!

Where can I earn and spend #cellulefelici points?

At the moment the #cellulefelici points are only active on www.skinius.it.

How do I turn #cellulefelici points into a voucher?

To convert your #cellulefelici points into a discount voucher, log into your personal Skinius account and select "My loyalty points" in your private area. Here, you can see your accumulated points and choose to convert them into a voucher by clicking on "Convert my points into a XX € voucher".

Can I use the points already in the order that generates them?

No, #cellulefelici points are created by an automatic system at the completion of the order when the package is handed over to the courier. So they cannot be used on the order that is generating them. 

Can I pass my points to a friend?

No, points are not transferable as the discount code is linked to your account.

How does the birthday voucher work?

If you have entered your date of birth when logging in, you will always receive a coupon to celebrate your birthday. The coupon is only valid on www.skinius.it and is valid up to one month after your date of birth.

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