Not sure which SKINIUS product is best suited for your skin? Do you want to know more about SKINIUS formulations and product application? On this page, you will find all the key information on the protocols

Where can I find the list of ingredients for each product?

The list of ingredients (INCI) can be found on the product or on the packaging of each product and can be consulted directly in the pharmacy, even with the help of the pharmacist and departmental staff. The INCI can also be consulted online at on the page for each product by downloading the data sheet (there is a button at the bottom of the page). 

Do SKINIUS cosmetics contain parabens?

No SKINIUS products contain parabens

Do SKINIUS cosmetics contain nickel?

No nickel is ever intentionally added to our formulations. However, there are no tests that can guarantee its total absence, as infinitesimal traces of nickel may be present during manufacturing processes or as impurities in the raw materials. Nevertheless, our consumers who are known to be allergic or intolerant to nickel have been using our products for a long time without any problems.  

Do SKINIUS products contain allergens?

No SKINIUS products contain allergens.

Do SKINIUS cosmetics contain heavy metals?

In our products we exclude the presence of heavy metals from raw materials by ensuring that they do not contain them. And of course they are not intentionally added at any stage of the process.

Which products also contain sun protection?

The entire PLUSOL sun line contains high photoprotection filters (SPF 50 and SPF 30). At the moment RIMAGE Eye Contour Gel Cream and NOAGY Lip Balm contain low concentration of sun filter because skin that mainly needs an anti-aging action benefits from even minimal sun protection. Specifically, the SPF is not specified because it is lower than the minimum declarable by law according to European legislation. 

For greater protection, as indicated by the dermatologist, we always recommend applying a specific product such as PLUSOL Face Cream SPF50.

Are SKINIUS products tested on animals?

No, SKINIUS does not carry out or commission any tests on animals, in accordance with the relevant European legislation. The European Community has prohibited the testing of finished products on animals since the early 1980s. Furthermore, since March 2009 it has been prohibited to market cosmetic products containing ingredients tested on animals. The guidelines on the use of claims relating to the absence of animal testing, contained in Directive 2006/406/EC, state the following: "In accordance with European legislation, the company responsible for placing the product on the market is not obliged to use a statement to indicate that animal testing has not been carried out". The logo depicting the "Bunny - Cruelty Free", for the use of which registration with certain private bodies is required, is neither compulsory nor necessary to guarantee and testify compliance with the regulations in force.  

Are SKINIUS cosmetics "natural"? Do they contain organic ingredients?

In order to answer this question, which is sometimes ambiguous and certainly deserves several reflections, we have collected some considerations drawn up with the scientific support of our expert cosmetologists, dermatologists and biologists and with the technical support of our regulatory, research and development offices. In support, we also provide an interesting insight into the safety of cosmetic products and ingredients from the website of Cosmetica Italia, the National Association of Cosmetic Companies. 

Are SKINIUS products certified?

In addition to the basic safety tests required by the European Cosmetic Regulation, we have thoroughly tested the most targeted performance of our formulations with robust instrumental and clinical tests: all products are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

SKINIUS has decided not to register with private entities and therefore not to pay the relevant annual registration and certification fees. This decision has been evaluated by our Research and Development Department, which prefers to concentrate and focus, in terms of resources and investments, on research for the development of innovative and cutting-edge products in the dermatological and cosmetological field. Obviously, the development of new products is always carried out in compliance with the European Cosmetic Regulations in force, which guarantee consumer safety, as well as regulating other aspects that also concern transparent and correct communication with respect to all stages of the production chain.  

Can I use SKINIUS products in the summertime?

All SKINIUS and ALUSAC products can be used without any problems, even in summer and in the sun, as they are not photosensitive. Indeed, FOSPID Active Serum in particular is recommended by dermatologists both under the sun and as an after-sun product to regenerate the skin.

What are SKINIUS face creams?

There are two main SKINIUS face creams, both anti-aging but with two different textures: one nourishing and the other moisturising. SHATUI Nourishing Anti-aging Face Cream is the richer, regenerating, full-bodied cream with an elegant, velvety scent; H2+O Hydrating Anti-aging Face Cream has a very high moisturising power, is appreciated by all skin types and has a more neutral scent. Both are 24-hour creams and can be used both morning and night. They can be combined with all the other products in the SKINIUS range, both dermo-cosmetics and food supplements.   

What is Fospidin?

Fospidin is an active complex based on soya-derived phospholipids and glucosamine. It is an extremely powerful cell restructuring agent, helping to fortify skin cells and enabling them to produce more and better quantities of collagen and elastin. It has a high anti-ageing action, which results in an increase in skin firmness, hydration and elasticity and a reduction in micro-wrinkles. It is also dermatologically tested to meet the needs of the most sensitive skin.

What is the difference between Fospidin and Fospid Active Serum?

Fospidin is the active ingredient, while the dermocosmetic regenerating serum is FOSPID Active Serum. The names of the active ingredient and the serum are very similar precisely because FOSPID Active Serum has a very high concentration of the active ingredient Fospidin.

What is the performance of the products?

SKINIUS products have a very high performance, which is why we recommend using small amounts. The textures spread easily on the skin and absorb very well. See the pages for each product to learn more about how to use them and how to combine them at different times of the year and in your life. 

Do the products have an expiry date?

Unlike foodstuffs, dermocosmetics do not have an expiry date, but the PaO (period after opening) is indicated on the packaging. The PaO is the period of time within which the cream should be consumed after opening the package. The PaO is indicated in all European Union countries with the same symbol: an open jar, present both on the primary container (in direct contact with the cosmetic) and, if applicable, on the secondary container (the outer packaging). On or beside the jar is the shelf life in months of the open product, written in numbers, followed by the letter "M". After this period, the product may lose its efficacy and the preservative coverage may be reduced. 

In the case of food supplements, on the other hand, the words "Best before end:" are written with the month and year (e.g. 07/2024). The wording appears both on the outer packaging and on the inner blisters.

The products should be stored in a cool, dry place, avoiding major temperature changes and limiting exposure to direct light for long periods. 

Can I use SKINIUS products in combination?

Yes, because your skin's needs change depending on external and internal conditions, age, seasons and any skin problems. The secret is to mix products to create your own perfect protocol.

Are there any special instructions on how to use SKINIUS products?

The SKINIUS philosophy proposes a range of products that are ideal for combining with each other, without preconceived rules, but which act in accordance with the physiological rhythms of each skin type. Each person can only find his or her ideal beauty routine by listening to his or her own skin and trying out the products at different times of the year and life. The advice given in the licensed pharmacies and parapharmacies is also fundamental: it starts with listening, continues with a skin analysis and proceeds with the creation of a personalised protocol.

Which SKINIUS beauty routine is suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

At this link you will find all the information you need about skin care during pregnancy and breastfeeding. All SKINIUS dermo-cosmetics are always safe because they comply with current European regulations and have no contraindications during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a normal physiological state, so you can safely continue your SKINIUS skincare routine, unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor. Many experienced dermatologists, for example, recommend NATRUX Body Cream to their patients during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.  

In general, during this delicate period it is important to select products that exclude certain active ingredients such as essential oils, alpha-hydroxy acids, retinol and escin: no SKINIUS products contain these active ingredients.  

The only product not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding is the food supplement Cellulis.IN due to the presence of synephrine (bitter orange extract) as it accelerates fat metabolism (lipid metabolism). 

Is SKINIUS also suitable for male skin?

Of course, all SKINIUS products are unisex - they can be used for women and men. Practicality and multifunctionality are the watchwords when it comes to men's beauty routines. Here is the link to the men's beauty routine developed by our experts.

We recommend MILIS Hydrating Cleansing Milk, ALUSAC Cleansing and H2+O Face Cream, particularly before/after shaving. For moisturising the body, the NATRUX cream is perfect because its fast-absorbing texture allows for optimum performance even with thick hair. Optimal moisturisation also for dry and very dry skin. LIFTNES Neck and Breast Cream can also be used by men on the chest or face (as recommended by experienced dermatologists).

Which aftershave product can I buy?

H2+O is an exceptional face cream for improving and maintaining good surface and deep skin hydration and is excellent after shaving, because it has a triple action: deltalactone, thanks to its emollient power, gives the skin a smooth appearance; coenzyme Q10 is a powerful energizer that promotes cell renewal, while glucosamine stimulates the physiological formation of new hyaluronic acid, essential for deep hydration. Its light and delicate texture is easily absorbed even by men's skin, which is usually more oily and combination, without leaving any greasy marks.

What products do you recommend against sagging skin in the chin area?

In the case of sagging in the chin area, it may be useful to tone up the oval of the face with a triple IN + IN + OUT action, provided by the Skin Sagging protocol that you can learn more about by consulting this page. Yes, because with the passing of the years the muscles tend to lose compactness and tone under the effect of gravity, dragging the skin inexorably downwards. To counteract these sagging muscles, we need to act IN&OUT on several levels:

1) from the outside using FOSPID Active Serum to improve skin elasticity

2) from the inside, using FOSPID.IN to slow down sagging of the dermis

3) again from the inside with TONIFIX.IN to boost and improve muscle tone and compactness.

What is the best SKINIUS product against enlarged pores and oily skin?

If you have enlarged pores and oily skin, you may find it useful to adopt a beauty routine designed for stressed skin, which you can find on this page. Stressed skin, as the definition suggests, suffers from a lack of skin transpiration (literally: without oxygen, lacking in life force, exhausted). This suffering translates into a generally dull, dehydrated appearance on the skin and, at the same time, the presence of impurities. It is precisely this difficult skin transpiration that causes a denser sebum mixed with flaky horny cells which, in a vicious circle, give a dehydrated appearance on the surface.  

What is the recommended SKINIUS product for rosacea?

We recommend first consulting an experienced dermatologist, who will certainly be able to advise you on the correct cosmetic and possibly pharmacological treatment, which varies from case to case. The entire SKINIUS range is tolerated by the most sensitive skin, even in the case of couperose facial skin and rosacea. Particularly in the case of chronic dermatosis, Fospidina-based regenerating anti-aging serums and creams have proved to be compatible in the experience of dermatologists. An excellent ally is H2+O Anti-Aging Hydrating Anti-aging Face Cream. H2+O's gentle formulation, which respects the most sensitive skin, may be the ideal ally after dermatological treatments related to rosacea and to help the hydrolipidic barrier restore the skin's balance. 

However, it is important to clarify that these products are compatible for skin with couperose/rosacea, but for specific treatment of skin imperfections, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, who can indicate the most suitable treatment.  

What is the right product to moisturise my hands?

We recommend the use of NATRUX Body Cream which, thanks to its formulation, improves the superficial and deep hydration of the skin tissue by helping the skin cells in their repair and regeneration process, for a moisturising and elasticising effect, also for the hands. It absorbs immediately, has a light, velvety texture and contains Shea Butter, which is deeply nourishing for the skin. The best format for "hand cream" use is the 100ml travel size, which can be conveniently stored in a handbag. For the back of the hands it is also useful to perform a regenerating mask with FOSPID Active Serum once or twice a week

Which SKINIUS products are most useful for melasma?

Our dermatologists explain that melasma is caused by a weakening of the skin on the face in certain areas, in which case the skin produces more melanin to better defend itself against light and retains it for longer, causing the typical spots. In most cases, melasma spots do not last a lifetime and tend to disappear if the skin strengthens. For this reason, all the things that can be done to strengthen and regenerate the skin are very useful. Many experienced dermatologists recommend FOSPID Serum morning and evening for its important regenerating properties, combined with the supplement Fospid.IN. The product can be used all year round, even in summer. During the day it is important to apply PLUSOL sunscreen with SPF50. Serious scientific research published in prestigious medical journals has also confirmed the effectiveness of FOSPID Serum on skin spots. 

Can I use your anti-wrinkle products even if my skin has rosacea problems?

Rosacea is an inflammatory disorder that mainly affects certain areas of the face and in some respects resembles acne. To avoid the appearance of rosacea, a few simple steps can be taken: avoid as much as possible factors that can trigger the disease, such as high temperatures, sun exposure, emotional stress, consumption of alcoholic beverages and spicy food. Treating the skin with care is also very important: use small amounts of mild, non-foaming cleansers for proper cleansing. If irritation occurs, use soothing and anti-inflammatory products that do not contain cortisone. To dry, use a soft, clean 100% cotton sponge, patting the face gently to avoid making the problem even worse. It is advisable to consult your dermatologist for a suitable rosacea cream, while from the Skinius line there are two products in particular that specialists recommend: the H2+O Hydrating Anti-aging Face Cream, with superficial and deep moisturising action, and LIFTNES Neck, Décolleté and Breast Cream, which is also effective for the face due to its regenerating action.   

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