• fospid-serum-face-serum.jpg

    Fospid Serum®

    Face serum
    € 61

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    Cleansing face milk
    € 31

  • abbronzatura-e-protezione-in-e-out-natrux-e-plusol-in-skinius.jpg

    IN&OUT Tanning and Protection

    Firming body cream and sun supplement
    € 95

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    Hair Special: Fospid.In® and Fortiker.In®® e Fortiker.IN®

    Hair supplement and skin supplement
    € 105

Products to prevent and treat the signs of skin aging

Protect, nourish, refresh and rejuvenate: these are the rules for healthy beautiful skin and prevention of skin blemishes caused by aging. Skinius The Doctor Is In is an innovative dermocosmetic range composed of face and body treatments with formulas rich in Fospidina, a complex formed of phospholipids and glucosamine, extremely effective active ingredients that help renew the cellular membrane to improve cell metabolism and encourage the production of new hyaluronic acid, vital for superficial and deep hydration.

Oxidative stress, one of the main causes of cellular aging, can be prevented with regular physical activity and a healthy diet rich in antioxidants, composed of fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fish and olive oil. Skinius can offer some additional tools to benefit your healthy and balanced lifestyle: anti-aging creams and supplements to keep your skin beautiful and radiant over time, despite the damaging effects of external agents. It is also fundamental to avoid excessive sun exposure, with the use of screens to protect from UV rays and suitable clothing as well as avoiding the midday sun.

In addition to diet and exercise, the Skinius anti-aging creams and supplements will help you prevent and tackle the signs of aging

Skinius can offer some additional tools to benefit your healthy and balanced lifestyle and protect your beauty: anti-aging creams and supplements to keep your skin smooth and radiant over time. Our anti-aging products tackle the harmful effects of external agents such as the sun, smog and make-up by creating a protective barrier that functions from both inside and outside the body, thanks to the content of exclusive active ingredients. RIMAGE eye contour gel, NOAGY lip balm and SHATUI anti-aging face cream contain a sun screen to protect the skin during all seasons, preventing the signs of aging that begin to appear after the age of 20. An extra helping hand comes from the PLUSOL.IN sun supplement which performs a solid preventative and defensive action against UV rays and the oxidising action of the sun, protecting the body from free radicals. This product also encourages the pigmentation of the skin for a uniform and healthy tan.