Supplements and creams for skin blotches


Two of the most common problems that affect the health of our skin are discolouration and blotches, which can appear at any age and on any complexion. The main issue with these conditions is the difference in colour between the skin and the blotches, which can make people feel aesthetically uncomfortable. This can only be resolved with the use of specific facial treatments.

Our Skinius The Doctor Is In range was created to prevent and treat these changes to skin colour, caused by excess melanin,  pigment deposit and, above all, solar radiation. A quick daily step can therefore be fundamental for preventing the problem and treating it should it appear

Cosmetic formulas and creams that regenerate the cells and reinvigorate the skin: this is the Skinius promise for tackling skin blotches.

Regenerating FOSPID Active Serum, which can be applied not only to the face, but also the arms, décolleté, breast and hands, treats dry skin, restructures tissue and helps in the production of collagen and elastin to reduce superficial blotches.

It is also fundamental to dedicate time to cleansing the epidermis. Daily application of MILIS Cleansing Milk will give your skin an energy boost, defending it from any agents that may cause the appearance of discolouration and blotches. Finally, the use of an anti-aging supplement such as FOSPID.IN, made from phospholipids, glucosamine and biotin, is an excellent way to maintain firm and soft skin, thanks to its anti-aging effects from inside the body.