• fitness-box.jpg

    Fitness Box

    Firming body cream, lip balm and face cream
    € 145

  • mountain-protective-creams.jpg

    Mountain Beauty Box

    Eye contour cream, face cream and lip balm
    € 119

  • per-lui-creme-antirughe-uomo.jpg

    Beauty Box for Him

    Face serum, eye contour cream and face cream

  • skinius-starter-kit.jpg

    Skinius Starter Kit

    Face serum, cleansing milk and lip balm
    € 95

Creams to hydrate and nourish your face and body

Hydrate and nourish your skin all year round to keep it looking naturally healthy and smooth. Your face, just like your body, should always be looked after with hydrating and nourishing creams suitable for use in any season and on any skin type. That is why Skinius has developed specific products for soft, radiant, perfectly hydrated and visibly healthy skin.

Soothing and hydrating creams that normalise the cutaneous barrier and provide the right protection against external agents which have a damaging effect on dehydrated and sensitive skin. Choose these products for very dry and cracked skin.

Choose the Skinius The Doctor Is In range, which uses the innovative Fospidina complex to guarantee a dermocosmetic treatment for face and body that will regenerate your skin upon every application.

Choose the rich texture of nourishing SHATUI face cream for a daily treat for your skin and a guaranteed anti-aging action for smooth, relaxed and radiant skin. Or if you prefer a smooth and energising effect, H2+O is the hydrating anti-aging face cream for you.

Try NATRUX body cream to hydrate your skin, thanks to the effects of shea butter and hyaluronic acid, the best combination against cellulite and stretch marks. Allow yourself some time every day for a purifying face cleanse thanks to MILIS cleansing milk, which not only eliminates make-up and impurities, but guarantees a daily regenerating action. If instead the eye contour is your critical issue, try RIMAGE, the cream that relaxes and hydrates even the most obstinate micro-wrinkles.