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    Skinius Starter Kit

    Face serum, cleansing milk and lip balm
    € 95

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    Mountain Beauty Box

    Eye contour cream, face cream and lip balm
    € 119

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    Beauty box For Him

    Face serum, eye contour cream and face cream

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    Fospid Serum Duo Pack®

    Face serum (2x30 ml)
    € 110

Skinius anti-aging cream: renewed life for your skin!

Being aware of the causes of skin aging is the first step toward finding the right solution, but only by choosing the right anti-aging cream can the skin's youthful beauty be maintained. Loss of firmness, radiance and elasticity is not only influenced by genetics or free radicals, but by the progressive decrease of glycans in the body. These are sugars that encourage the optimum synthesis of hyaluronic acid, which is produced in lower amounts by the fibroblasts after the age of 30.

Since glycans can decrease by up to 50% between the ages of 30 and 60, Skinius laboratories have formulated sugar-based cosmetics in order to tackle this progressive loss. This was the beginning of the The Doctor Is In range. The collection is composed of serums and creams containig Fospidina, a complex made of a combination of phospholipids, soya extract and glucosamine, a precursor to hyaluronic acid.

Fospid Serum regenerating face cream has an effective anti-aging action that helps cells to repair and regenerate.

Applying a cream containing this complex once a day for a month will increase the elasticity and hydration levels of the skin and reduce both wrinkles and any other small imperfections, by stimulating the synthesis not only of collagen and elastin, but also hyaluronic acid. This is why anybody who wants to prevent and combat the signs of aging for smoother and more compact skin should choose Fospidina: the new and innovative complex with a powerful anti-aging action, produced and studied in our laboratories to bring you the best anti-wrinkle cream that you will ever try!