Trattamento Viso Gratuito a Roma

Da : giovedì, febbraio 6, 2020
A : giovedì, febbraio 6, 2020
Luogo : Farmacia Gallotta Ateneo

Do you want to test our dermatological textures? Come and visit us in Rome at the Gallotta Ateneo pharmacy.

A day entirely dedicated to Skinius!

Sandra is a consultant specializing in Skinius protocols that will be at your disposal for a free consultation from 10.00 to 18.00. Discover your new beauty antiaging Skinius at the pharmacy Gallotta Ateneo in the square of the Salesian University 48. Our expert will help you choose the best antiaging beauty routine for this time of year and life. 

Why choose Skinius

Skinius products are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and intolerant, at any age, to men and women.
We understand sensitive skin!  We will be happy to offer you free samples of the products you are interested in. You will receive practical single-dose sachets, ideal for one / two applications, and perfect for testing the tolerability of our anti-age skin care products, especially if you have very sensitive skin, rosacea, rosacea or other dermatological conditions.

In the pharmacy you will find all the Skinius lines, from the famous Fospid Active Serum, to the beloved Noagy Lip Balm, from detergents to sunscreens, from body treatments to hair line.

Book your appointment by calling  06 8713 1474 . We are waiting for you at the Gallotta Ateneo pharmacy in Piazza dell'Ateneo Salesiano 48 in Rome!

Contatti : Farmacia Gallotta Ateneo
Telefono : 06 8713 1474
Indirizzo : Piazza dell'Ateneo Salesiano, 48, 00139 Rome RM