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    FOSPID Active Serum

    Anti-aging face serum
    € 61

  • milis-latte-detergente-idratante.jpg


    Cleansing milk
    € 31

  • fospid-serum-face-serum-duo-pack.jpg

    FOSPID Active Serum duo pack

    Anti-aging face serum (2x30ml)
    € 110

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    Skin supplement
    € 48

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    Preparation Beauty Box: FOSPID Active Serum and MILIS

    Cleansing milk and Serum
    € 85

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    In&Out Anti-Aging booster: FOSPID Active Serum e FOSPID.IN

    Serum and Skin supplement
    € 100

  • antiage-plus-fospid-serum-e-h2o.jpg

    Anti-Aging Plus: Fospid Serum® and H2+O®

    Serum and Face cream
    € 115

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    Beauty Box For Him: Fospid Serum®, Rimage® and H2+O®

    serum, eye contour cream and face cream
    € 190

Before and after cleansing: acne creams and supplements

Acne is a chronic disease that tends to mostly affect younger skin, causing the appearance of numerous blackheads, spots and other blemishes that can have a serious psychosocial impact. Acting promptly with specific acne creams can, however, prevent acne and limit the damage done to skin with scars and marks that may grow harder to remove as time passes.

As a chronic pathology that depends on various factors, acne requires long-term treatment as opposed to symptomatic treatment. The most important treatment is cleansing the face daily: Skinius has created a specific face cleanser that purifies and regenerates for bright and uniform skin. MILIS cleansing milk is delicate and effective in removing all impurities for an immediate fresh and pure feeling. It regenerates skin cells with every use.

After cleansing, use FOSPID Active Serum, which has a high Fospidina content, to rebalance the hydrolipid barrier of skin affected by acne.

In cases of acne, a decrease is observed in the quantity of linoleic acid contained in sebum. This deficit can lead to qualitative and quantitative changes to the hydrolipid film, which can in turn lead to keratinocyte proliferation disorders and the proliferation of saprophytic organisms, with a predisposition for skin infections including acne and oily skin. Fospidina is rich in phospholipids derived from soya, with a high content of linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is naturally present in phospholipids.

FOSPID Active Serummade with Fospidina, effectively reduces the marks and blemishes. It has a powerful regenerating action that repairs the cellular membrane. Thanks to a high phytoestrogen content, it also treats any damage caused by acne or aging and restructures the tissue by assisting with the production of collagen and elastin.

As well as our products for preventing and tackling acne, Skinius also suggests a skin supplement containing phospholipids, glucosamine and biotin. The aim is to naturally resolve the deficiency of these elements in the body. A leading anti-age supplement, FOSPID.IN, contains substances for elastic, soft and radiant skin. Take care of your body while maintaining its natural equilibrium.