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    Firming body cream
    € 39

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    Anti-cellulite supplement
    € 58

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    Fospid Serum Duo Pack:®

    Face serum (2x30 ml)
    € 110

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    Natrux® Duo Pack

    Firming body cream (2x200 ml)
    € 75

Anti-cellulite creams and supplements: vanquish woman's worst enemy!

Cellulite is a problem that affects millions of women but which, if treated correctly, can be significantly improved. Wearing over-tight clothes, standing for too long without moving, wearing high heels every day, smoking and an unbalanced diet are only some of the factors that aggravate cellulite over the years. But it is more important to know that a solution to help tackle the various types of cellulite does exist, as long as you take a few specific precautions.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, which involves eating fruit and vegetables at least three times a day and keeping in shape by exercising, the use of specific anti-cellulite creams and supplements is one way to tackle this irritating condition.

Here at the Skinius laboratories, we have developed two specific products to treat oedematous, fibrous and sclerotic cellulite.

These include a hydrating, elasticising and firming cream and an anti-cellulite supplement that treats cellulite from the inside. NATRUX fluid body cream NATRUX is a gentle embrace for the skin and its active ingredients, shea butter and hyaluronic acid, boost elasticity and tone, reducing adiposity and preventing the formation of stretch marks. CELLULIS.IN, on the other hand, is an anti-cellulite supplement that contains centella, flavonoids, butcher’s broom and the immature fruit of bitter orange, which reinforce the blood vessels to make them more elastic and reduce the sensation of heavy legs as well as unsightly cellulite. Toning, anti-inflammatory and gluten-free, CELLULIS.IN can also be used by anybody who is allergic or intolerant to gluten and lactose, for perfectly toned, compact and smooth legs, arms, hips and stomachs in both summer and winter.