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  • Natrux body cream duo pack

    Hydrating body cream (2x200 ml) For a moment of sublime relaxation after the shower, as an aftersun after a long day on the beach and to soothe skin after shaving, the Natrux body cream is one of the most versatile products in the Skinius range: it will work wonders on all your daily hydration needs, in both summer and winter. Thanks to its extremely...

    75,00 €
  • Super Anti-Aging: Fospid Active Serum & Shatui

    Regenerating face serum and nourishing cream Just right for the first autumn chill, the Super Anti-Aging Beauty Box will enhance your face with firm and radiant skin. Discover the daily benefits of skin that is cared for every day: FOSPID Active Serum, the Skinius face serum with a high Fospidina concentrate, regenerates and deeply stimulates cells, and...

    125,00 €
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  • Antiage Plus: Fospid Active Serum and H2+O

    Anti-aging serum and hydrating face cream Does your face show when you’ve had a long, tiring week? Regain your radiance by waking up every day to Skinius Fospidina-based anti-aging products: the regenerating FOSPID Active Serum and H2+O hydrating face cream are combined in the Anti-Aging Plus Beauty Box, to give skin a daily energy boost that will reduce...

    115,00 €
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  • Mountain Beauty Box

    Face sun cream, face cream and lip balm Be prepared for the ski season with products by Skinius: the Mountain Beauty Box contains our must-have products for the winter, created to protect your skin at high altitudes. PLUSOL face sun cream SPF50, SHATUI nourishing face cream and NOAGY lip balm contain SPF  that can protect even the most sensitive skin from...

    84,00 €
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  • Skinius Starter Kit

    Anti-aging serum, cleansing milk and lip balm Are you looking for a gift to spoil your girlfriend, mother or best friend? Try the Skinius Starter Kit: the new Beauty Box that combines our top products for unforgettable skin. This special gift set will introduce your loved ones to the very best Skinius products for all-round care for their sensitive skin:...

    95,00 €
  • Fitness Box

    Fitness Box: hydrating creams for fitness fans Are sport sessions and frequent showering ruining your sensitive skin? Fear not: with the Skinius Fitness Box you can preserve the health and splendour of your skin even with daily physical activity, thanks to a combination of products created especially for fitness fans, a must-have for any season and any...

    68,00 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Preparation Beauty Box

    Delicate cleansing milk and anti-aging face serum It is very important to carefully remove any impurities a that have accumulated on your face during the day: not just make-up but smog, dust and any other harmful substances that we inadvertently pass from our hands to our face and that cause skin aging. The Preparation Beauty Box contains everything you...

    85,00 €
  • Total Anti-Aging 50+

    Face, eye contour and neck cream, anti-aging serum and lip balm Over the age of 50, skin loses elasticity, drying out more frequently and forming wrinkles. The battle against aging takes place on many fronts: the eye contour area, the lips, the neck and the décolleté. Skinius has created the Total Anti-Aging 50+ Beauty Box to treat and enhance all these...

    330,00 €
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  • Beauty Box For Him

    Anti-aging serum, face cream and eye contour cream Who said that only women care about beauty? You’re bound to know at least one man like you who dreams of perfect skin! So why not surprise him with the best Skinius face care products? Because that's the part of the body that every male wants to see shine! If you are looking for a way to tell your man...

    190,00 €
  • Body Beauty Box: Liftnes and Natrux

    Hydrating body cream and décolleté cream Rapid weight change and pregnancy can leave unmistakeable marks on your body: blemishes such as stretch marks are very hard to treat and can make women feel uncomfortable when wearing a bikini or low-cut clothing. Skinius recommends a set containing products for the legs, gluteus and décolleté: NATRUX body cream...

    120,00 €
  • Total Anti-Aging 35+

    Face cream, anti-aging serum, eye contour cream and lip balm The age of 35 can be a period of great femininity if you take care of your skin with a correct beauty routine. This should start with the face, the most precious area for your beauty at any age. With the Skinius Total Anti-Aging 35+ Beauty Box, you will learn to correctly look after the delicate...

    240,00 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Anti-Aging Prevention

    Anti-aging face cream, lip balm and cleansing milk Sun, smog, make-up, even the reflection from the computer and the smartphonethat you use each day can compromise the natural radiance of your face, with harmful impurities settling in the epidermis and causing wrinkles, superficial marks and other  blemishes. That is why it is vital not to wait for the...

    59,00 €
    2 Review(s)
  • Anti-Aging Contours and Blemishes

    Eye contour cream, anti-aging serum and lip balm Your face is the reflection of your psychophysical wellbeing: signs of fatigue, stress and lack of sleep show immediately as dark circles, bags, bloating and other unpleasant blemishes. It is therefore fundamental to include products that can tackle the negative effects of an unbalanced lifestyle in your...

    178,00 €
  • Anti-Aging Plus Tripack

    Anti-aging serum, hydrating face cream and neck, breast and décolleté cream Are you looking for a product that will treat your dull skin and bring it new radiance? The Anti-Aging Plus Tripack Beauty Box by Skinius offers a triple regenerating and illuminating action: thanks to the properties of specific products for mature skin, you will rediscover your...

    210,00 €
  • In&Out Cellulite: Cellulis.IN and Natrux

    Hydrating body cream and anticellulite supplement The most popular Skinius body cream and the plant-based anticellulite supplement are combined in this set, created to meet the needs of women who wish to prevent and reduce the formation of cellulite and the associated blemishes. By stimulating the microcirculation and deeply hydrating the skin on legs and...

    64,00 €
  • In&Out Anti-Aging Booster: Fospid Serum and Fospid.IN

    Face serum and skin supplement Elasticity, smoothness and uniform colour. However, by choosing specific products for the needs of your skin, you can recover the natural beauty hidden behind a dull everyday complexion and reactivate the cellular regeneration processes at the basis of perfectly healthy skin.  The In&Out Anti-Aging Booster Beauty Box...

    100,00 €
    3 Review(s)
  • In&Out Tanning and Protection: Natrux and Plusol.IN

    Hydrating and sun supplement A perfect tan is an impossible dream for sensitive skin: in the sun, a delicate epidermis reddens, burns and suffers from erythema. To avoid this, the only answer is often to cover up with a white t-shirt and cower under a parasol that doesn’t let a single ray of sun through. The result? Pale skin even in August and a...

    94,00 €
  • Hair special: Fospid.IN and Fortiker.IN

    Skin supplement and hair supplement Have you noticed that as the seasons change, your hair tends to become dry and fragile, breaking easily just like your nails? This is a common phenomenon during winter: your body has to adapt to the new rhythms and different needs in terms of nutritional substances, which are difficult to absorb through diet alone. How...

    77,00 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Fospid Serum Duo Pack

    Anti-aging face serum (2x30 ml) Fospid® Serum has always been the best-selling product in the Skinius dermocosmetic range. Popular with consumers of all ages, it will heal any visible signs of skin aging and prevent any more from appearing. Moreover, its non-oily and fragrance-free texture makes it suitable for dry, oily, combination and extremely...

    115,00 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Anti-aging contour: Noagy and Rimage

    Lip contour cream and eye contour cream Over the age of 30, the physiological rhythms of our skin change. The production of substances vital for keeping skin smooth and fresh is reduced and skin is more sensitive to harmful external aggressors (smog, UV rays, make-up). Contour areas are especially affected by premature aging and require critical treatment...

    120,00 €
  • Airplane Beauty Box: Delika, Noagy & H2+O

    Micellar water, lip balm and hydrating face cream We don’t always take into consideration the importance of having face care products with us when flying, whether a long- or short-haul flight. Waiting too long to remove your make-up correctly can stress out your skin and, just to make things more complicated, air-conditioning is one of the main causes of...

    56,00 €
  • Anti-Aging Prime 25+: Delika, Noagy & H2+O

    Micellar water, hydrating lip balm and anti-aging face cream What are you waiting for? Start looking after your skin now! It is a common misconception that our skin doesn’t need much looking after until the first signs of fatigue appear, especially among women. Prevention is fundamental in helping our skin remain toned and hydrated in the long term. The...

    127,00 €
  • Double Water: Delika & Delika travel size

    Micellar water (200ml + 100ml) The best way to care for your skin with daily cleansing and hydration. Make-up, smog and other harmful agents in the air cause all sorts of problems for the epidermis, such as dry skin, the formation of wrinkles, redness and irritation. Avoid these problems with an effective, yet delicate cleansing product that will respect...

    33,00 €
  • Eye Special: Delika & Rimage

    Micellar water and eye contour gel cream Stress, lack of sleep and daily use of make-up or aggressive products can be exhausting for the skin, leaving it dull and dehydrated. The zone that normally suffers the most is the >strong>eye contour area, which, if neglected can result in a darker or puffy periorbital area which shows excessive signs of...

    92,00 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Cleansing Special: Delika & Milis

    Micellar water and delicate cleansing milk It is crucial to have a beauty routine for a younger and more radiant looking face. Your beauty mission starts when you wake up, as the skin needs the right hydration to face the day ahead, and ends in the evening with the removal of damaging elements such as make-up, smog and other impurities found in the air.....

    49,00 €
  •  Skinius travel Kit: the complete beauty routine to take with you on the go!
    Online only
    Skinius Travel Kit

    Cleansing, face creams, lip balm and body cream in travel sizes Mini sizes, with a very high anti-aging performances that solve the needs of all types of skin, even the most sensitive. A must have in your beauty case: small, very useful in every occasion, they perfect skincare routine to carry with you when you're away from home. Your favorite Skinius...

    119,00 €
  • Beauty Box Active Sunscreen 365

    Anti-aging serum, cleansing milk and lip balm Are you looking for a gift to spoil your girlfriend, mother or best friend? Try the Skinius Starter Kit: the new Beauty Box that combines our top products for unforgettable skin. This special gift set will introduce your loved ones to the very best Skinius products for all-round care for their sensitive skin:...

    125,00 €
  • Skinius Starter Kit

    Anti-aging serum, cleansing milk and lip balm Are you looking for a gift to spoil your girlfriend, mother or best friend? Try the Skinius Starter Kit: the new Beauty Box that combines our top products for unforgettable skin. This special gift set will introduce your loved ones to the very best Skinius products for all-round care for their sensitive skin:...

    102,00 €
  • SKINIUS Beauty Bag

    Do you want to embellish a gift for someone special? Are you leaving for a trip, but you don't want to give up your daily skincare and are you looking for a practical and elegant beauty case to guard your beauty secrets? Skinius Beauty Bag in saffiano faux leather is what you are looking for! Our branded Beauty Bag is synonymous with luxury and...

    16,00 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Weekend Beauty Kit

    Plusol face suncream + Delika micellar water + H2+O antiaging face cream + Natrux body cream For a last minute weekend you need a beauty routine that goes hand in hand. Few products, but effective to guarantee you a skincare express and a skin that always shines even when you don't have all the home comforts. Skinius Weekend Beauty Kit contains a...

    96,00 €
  • Skinius Haircare Kit

    Beauty Box with volumizing shampoo + hair strengthening mask + restorative hair lotion  If hair care is the top priority in your daily beauty routine and you are looking for a new strengthening and volumizing hair treatment, you must have the Skinius Haircare Kit. A box set that includes a treatment to give back balance and brightness to your hair. The...

    128,00 €
  • SOS Haircare

    Active lotion + volumizing shampoo + hair supplement Have you tried everything to improve the well-being of your hair, but no treatment has been successful? Skinius has created the box SOS Haircare an IN&OUT revolutionary kit to help weak and thin hair. A hair strengthening booster, activated by the synergistic action of active lotion, shampoo and...

    124,00 €
  • Sun Sea Hair Protection Kit

    Active lotion + volumizing shampoo + hair supplement After every summer vacation you have brittle, dry and dull hair and you have to plan the hairstylist the appointment? Be smart! Leave for your journey with Sun Sea Hair Protection Kit: a complete haircare routine to shelter the hair from the dehydrating action of sand, sea salt, sun and wind. At the...

    88,00 €
  • Bridal Beauty Box

    Face cream + Antiaging face serum + lip balm + body cream  Unforgettable and full of emotions the wedding day can always surprise, but one thing never changes: the spotlight is always on the bride! So as not to be unprepared for the big day, rely on Skinius's experience in antiaging dermatology. Our beauty box for the bride is the solution you were...

    196,00 €

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The innovation in dermatology and cosmetology does not stop and this time the novelty is all Italian. The Fospidina complex could be the new hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its performance and biocompatible composition with cell membranes it is able to offer effective and performing results as a more relaxed, luminous and elastic skin, slowing down skin aging.

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