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  • Cellulis.IN

    Supplement to tackle blemishes caused by cellulite CELLULIS.IN is the anti-cellulite supplement  by Skinius: one of its main ingredients is centella, which encourages the normal functioning of the microcirculation to help reduce the sensation of heavy legs. Rich in flavonoids, tannins and centelloids, it reinforces blood vessels, makes them more elastic...

    29,00 €
  • Fortiker.IN

    Hair supplement Does your hair split easily? Do your nails tend to break? A supplement made from mineral salts, oligo elements and vitamins can be a precious ally for healthy hair and nails: FORTIKER.IN by Skinius is the hair and nail supplement  that protects their structure and promotes health. Your hair will be less fragile, while nails will be more...

    31,00 €
  • Fospid.IN

    Skin supplement The Fospidina complex, present in all Skinius cosmetic products, is now used in FOSPID.IN tablets, a skin supplement made from phospholipids, glucosamine and biotin. FOSPID.IN naturally compensates for any deficiencies of these elements in the body, often responsible for the appearance of stretch marks, blotches and skin blemishes of all...

    48,00 €
  • Plusol.IN

    Sun and antioxidant supplement Skinius helps you establish a good beauty routine in preparation for the summer with PLUSOL.IN: this sun supplement will help protect you from the oxidising action of the sun and reduce the harmful effects of excessive exposure, such as dry skin and micro-wrinkles. When UV rays are strongest, our body is unable to...

    30,00 €

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